The White Arts of Britain


For a multitude of reasons, the cultural arts prowess of Britain’s Black communities has always been high. Much of the arts like sports such as boxing, football and running can bypass privilege. If you can sing you can sing, like wise with musicians who don’t need costly lessons, and to a lesser extent acting.

12 Years A Slave: A modern parable of our time?


As the film 12 Years a Slave is winning international plaudits, breaking box office records and putting the British-born Black Director, Steve McQueen and lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofo, in the frame for a slew of prestigious film awards, the response from David Cameron’s government to these events goes to the heart of the film’s critique about power that is not underpinned by a vision of social and racial justice.

Dasha Zhukova: Do these billionaires hate Black people?


I cannot think of any other reasonable explanation other than sheer hatred of the other for buying, and sitting on a Black semi-naked mannequin who is upside down.

Looking at the picture your jaw drops, you plead with your rationale that this is a spoof, and then you realise it isn’t. Dasha Zhukova, the girlfriend of one of the richest men in the world and Chelsea football owner Roman Abramovich, was happily pictured for a photo shoot to promote her new lifestyle magazine.

Sayeeda Warsi: Tories must do more for Black communities


In one of her most candid interviews to date, Conservative Foreign Office Minister, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi informed the Eastern Eye newspaper that:

The Conservative Party still has a problem attracting BME voters."

In a passionate plea to her own Party she demands:

We must do more to reach out, to listen, to engage with issues that matter."

12 Years a Slave: The Black Experience Today


12 Years a Slave is a film adaptation of the memoires of Solomon Northup, a freeman who was kidknapped and shipped to Indiana to work as a slave on a plantation in 1841. But what does this historical film teach us about our own day and age?

Shock death of BBC’s Komla Dumar


I guess I’m part of an unfortunate club called insomniacs. For me this often means waking up around 3-4am and not being able to get back to sleep. As a result I’d often creep down stairs, make a cup of cocoa and watch the BBC News.

White privilege, writing, power and having a platform



We wrote about Rene Eddo-Lodge some weeks ago when she found herself on the recieving end of some pretty nasty abuse from the former MP Louise Mensch.

OBV graduate nominated for unique diversity award



Councillor Sanchia Alasia, a graduate of OBV’s Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme, has been recognised for helping to drive the equality and diversity agenda forward. Alasia has been shortlisted out of 70 candidates for the 2nd Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award which will be held in April 2014.

BME voters have the power to decide the fate of the next general election


POLITICAL parties should be tackling the rise in inequalities between minorities and indigenous voters if they want to engage with Asians and other ethnic groups, a leading race campaigner has said.

Simon Woolley, the director and one of the founders of pressure group Operation Black Vote, which works to increase political participation among BME communities, said he believes that politicians should be doing much more to engage with black and Asian voters

Joshua Robertson saves 87-year old from fire


You hear a lot about what is wrong with our youths today with particularly demonisation of Black youths. Truth is there are an awful lot of good young men and women, who are studying hard and trying to be good citizens.

One young man in particular stands out during a most extraordinary moment which saved the life of an elderly pensioner.

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