EU historic reparations/justice move for people of African descent


It is nearly one year ago when 200 delegates of African descent gathered at the European Union to have an historic 3 day conference about the challenges we face and how the EU should assist.

There was much talk, but also a lot of lobbying and planning. Of that team a few people particularly stood out. MEP Cecile Kyenge and her able team included Alfiaz Viay.

Black Radio icon - Dotun - driven out by BBC London ?


Britain’s Dotun Adebayo has covered every major story concerning Britain’s Black communities for the past 28 years. Either on his national platform Radio 5 Live or on BBC London. But Dotun is more than just a story teller.  One of Dotun’s driving forces has been to showcase up and coming Black  artists, writers, sportsmen and women, politicians and activists such as myself.

Has Akala just dramatically moved the race debate?


Most Black writers or activists know that going on national TV and radio to talk about race issues, particularly race inequality, more often than not will be to enter a rigged debate. That is to say that most of the time the presenter and their chosen guests will not only set themselves up Full Square against you, but they will also attempt to characterize you as part of the problem for daring to raise the issues; rather than discuss some of the legitimate elements that cause persistent inequalities.

Fake News: 60’s British Gov disparaging Africans as savages


‘Fake news’, was not a term many people used until very recently, but it is now seen as one of the greatest threats to democracy, free debate and the Western order. The Russian Government’s manipulation of ‘Fake new’s, particularly spread throughout social media, has been widely credited for having a decisive impact on the US Presidential elections that witnessed Donald Trump come into power, and, closer to home, the Brexit decision that has caused the biggest rupture in British and potentially European politics in generations.

Far Right extremism kills 48 Muslim Worshipers


This blood thirsty atrocity predicated in religious and racial hatred is unforgivable.

But what can never be said too often is that every tolerated or ignored slur or innuendo - racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic - especially from politicians and political leaders everywhere helps to fuel this climate in which these and other would be murderers become emboldened.

MP Shadowing Scheme 2019


Update 11 Mar 2019: the scheme is now closed for application

The nation's most successful mentoring scheme is up and running for a second year and now it's your opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees, and previous Government Ministers Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Helen Grant.

We're looking for the best; the most committed, community orientated, dynamic individuals to help change our world.

‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ and the missing story of the Roma


Inadvertently, my son encouraged me to pick up a novel about the Holocaust. In the run up to the Holocaust Memorial Day he had come home from school with a project about Auschwitz, the Sonndo-commandos and other related topics. Like many parents, as often as possible we like to discuss the books and projects my son is working on.

UK Establishment resisting attempt to ‘Decolonise Curriculum’


During a recent visit to City University in London as Patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Meghan Markle voiced support for efforts to “decolonise the curriculum” and disbelief at the lack of diversity in university professorships.

Beyond the usual hysteria about the Duchess’ “political action” there has been broader backlash to the campaign, ranging from fears about a system of racial hiring quotas to denial that racism is a pervasive force in education at all.

Liam Neeson Race Scandal: A view from the US


Intro: Welcome to Nina Grace Kambili, our newest intern from the University of New York, studying public policy. With all our volunteers and interns we try to give them a rounded experience, but also to develop their own creativity and understanding within the space we work in. In her first article we asked Nina what was her take on the way the US viewed the Liam Neeson race episode. It's a very impressive first piece. Simon Woolley

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