Obama's Mid-term blues


In many ways this was always going to happen. As a Presidential candidate Barak Obama emotionally moved Americans in way that no other American politician has done, at least in our lifetime.

His heartfelt oratory was able to do the near impossible: it challenged, suppressed and at times healed prejudice.

Obama was crowned the messiah President. But his victory was far from universal. 45% of America voted against Obama, and in defeat they would plot and plan his demise.

Prime Minister’s Questions:


Conservative MP Sam Gyimah spoke up for small businesses during Prime Minister’s Questions, yesterday.

The Government’s proposals for automatic enrolment in pension schemes will mean that, from 2012, all companies will be required to automatically enrol staff earning over £7,475 into anoccupational retirement fund, or into NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) if there is no workplace scheme.

Cartoon Corner: Midterm election loss


The 'Perfect' politician


When the camera loves you it doesn’t matter whether you are on stage or on Newsnight the effect is the same - you grab attention.

And in recent years politicians have, somewhere along the way, been selected and elected partly because of how their looks impacts the public.

The Coexistence Trust: Campus FaithHub campaign


The Coexistence Trust has launched a new campaign targeting Muslim and Jewish students via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Trust is a network of senior Muslim and Jewish political leaders worldwide, and provides a unique bridge across the political spectrum to combat Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, helping governments tackle racial and religious intolerance.

Ingrid Chetram: LibDem’s Lewisham fight back


After losing a higher than expected number of councillors in Lewisham at the elections in May, Lewisham LibDem’s are hoping that local resident, academic and mother of three, Ingrid Chetram can begin the work to rebuild  the party by winning a seat in tomorrow’s council By-election.

Chetram is hoping to be elected in the Ladywell ward in a By-election sparked by the resignation of Labour Cllr Tim Shand, who is leaving to take up work in South Africa.

Dotun's law


The multi-media broadcaster and entrepreneur Dotun Adebayo, (above) will, along with many Black people up and down the country be applauding the Education Secretary, Michael Gove’s decision to change the law that would allow Head teachers to sack BNP teachers.

Prisoners to get the vote


The Government is this week preparing to concede in a legal battle with the European Court of Human Rights to allow prisoners to vote.  

The move will bring about a change to the law that prohibits voting by the more than 70,000 inmates of British jails.

Although the government would like to keep the ban in place, the Coalition will concede as going against the court would be at the expense of overriding a 2004 ECHR ruling and cost UK taxpayers hundreds of millions in litigation and compensation fees and costs.

EDL suffer European humiliation


According to United Against Fascism (UAF) the English Defence League (EDL) came under attack last week when their attempts to open a European branch of their organisation was opposed by a combination of Dutch football fans and authorities.

Amsterdam's Ajax supporter group were so incensed by the extremist EDL that they put a photo up on their website declaring the EDL were not welcome in their city; the minibus carrying EDL leader Tommy Robinson was smashed up; and groups of the football club supporters declared war on the racists and chased them out of town.

US Mid-Term elections


A record breaking number of women stood for this year's US mid term elections, the largest since 1992.

However, according to a report on the eve of the US mid-term elections, Americans will wake up on Wednesday morning to the first drop of women in Congress women since 1978.

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