US pastors incendiary book burning call


In a country of more than 300 million citizens, it is incredible how one extremist with a following of no more than fifty people can not only make the national, and international headlines, but with his intended actions almost certainly cause a violent response, and possibly even deaths.

Australia makes history and elects its first Aboriginal Senator


The land and down under made history last week when Australia elected its first Aboriginal Senator in its 110-year parliamentary history.

Whilst the Aboriginal community celebrates the election of Senator Mr. Ken Wyatt Aussie racists were bombarding him with hate mail.

Senator Wyatt rose above childhood poverty to become the first indigenous person ever elected to the powerful lower House of Representatives.

Morrissey & why celebrity status must not blind us to racism


Morrissey has outrageously described Chinese people as a "subspecies" when commenting in the Guardian about their track record on animal welfare.

The former Smiths front man, an advocate of animal rights and a vegetarian, made the comment to the Guardian, describing the population's attitude to animal rights as "horrific".

Blair: Racism is alive and kicking


Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Commissioner, has criticised the Government and Metropolitan Police Service for failure to tackle racism.

Baroness Warsi thanks British public for donations to flood stricken Pakistan


Conservative Party Chairman and Minister Baroness Warsi last week returned from a trip to the flood stricken areas of Pakistan.

Travelling with Andrew Mitchell Minister Secretary of State for International development, in a bid to raise the profile of the devastation being felt and to see where the money pledged by the British government 31 million pounds with a further 33 million to be pledged is being spent on.

Commenting on the scale of the impact of the flood Baroness Warsi described the worst hit areas:

Channel 4 exposes foreign diplomats abusing immunity to enslave vulnerable African and Asians


There are times when a classic piece of television has the power to move you to tears.  Channel 4’s excellent attempt to dramatise the graphic and nightmarish story of Mende Nazer who was kidnapped from her homeland in the Sudenese Nubian mountainsand sold in into Arab slavery in Khartoum and then a domestic slave to the Sudanese diplomat Abdel al Koronky, did just that.

Australia condemned by UN as “new apartheid” nation


Australia the “new apartheid ‘ nation attracts UN condemnation for failing
to tackle racism.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and the
UN Race Discrimination Commissioner says the next Australian government must
amend the constitution to make it impossible to suspend the Racial Discrimination

Bradford unites & rejects the undeniable racism of the EDL


The racist English Defence League suffered a humiliating defeat in its efforts to mobilise 5,000 of its members for a national rally in Bradford last week.

Earlier this year the EDL had promised to launch a series of huge demonstrations in prominent Muslim communities throughout the UK.The dismal reality was that less than 700 of their members turned up from across the country and in Bradford the level of local support was non-existent.

Archana ‘Archie’ Panjabi Asian Londoner wins prestigious Emmy Award


London Asian actress Archana Panjabi stunned the entertainment world by winning an Emmy Award.

Her parents' Hindu friends tried to dissuade her from pursuing her dreams of acting, telling her it was a 'low-class' profession.

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