Notting Hill Carnival organisers "confident" of 2022 return


Image Courtesy of Javanie Stephens

Notting Hill Carnival could return to the streets of London in 2022 according to Matthew Phillip, CEO of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd. Phillip commented on the development while speaking to the PA, and the news should allay fears that carnival-goers will find themselves in a similar spot this time next year.

MPs to debate petition on teaching Britain's colonial past as part of the curriculum


MPs to debate the petition

A petition to teach Britain's colonial history as part of the UK's compulsory curriculum will be debated by MPs today. E-petition 324092 far exceeded the 100,000 threshold needed for debate in parliament, accumulating 268,772 signatures in total. There is  appetite for action to be taken on the matter, and this was given renewed impetus by the rallies we saw last year.

‘All for Nothing?’


We’ve made a very special film with our media partners Saatchi & Saatchi. ‘All for Nothing?’.

Last summer, we marched, we protested, we urged our nation to confront systemic race inequality.

This Thursday, 6 May, we use our political power, as we demand racial justice and vote.

Here are links to the campaign's media coverage and campaign assets:

Not all heroes wear capes



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Black lives matter: How some leaders are driving change


In truth I’ve never spoken to so many people as I have done in the last six months. Covid lockdown has forced to use technology in a way that we barely could imagine. But there it is, on a regular basis I and, I’m sure, many others have been asked to speak to audiences that in one session could be in the hundreds, sometimes thousands, better still they can live comment if what you’re saying is relevant or rubbish. And they do!

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities call on public to submit evidence for review


There is still time to submit evidence for the commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities review into ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK. The call for the public to provide evidence as part of their efforts was launched on 26 October and is now approaching its end.

The review will focus on the areas of education, employment and enterprise, health and crime and policing.

Mya-Rose Craig demanding race equality from environmentalists


It is of no surprise to me that the young environmental and anti-racist campaigner, Mya-Rose Craig of English and Bangladeshi heritage has been named as one of the BBC Radio 4’s most outstanding women of the year.

Biden - Harris and us can change our world


This time last week I literally felt sick to stomach. I’d already been awake 6 hours having set my alarm for 3am with the hope that the new dawn would bring, well, a new dawn, a brave new world, with a Biden victory. But as news broke from the early US election results nothing could be further from that truth.

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