If Trump wins, I’ll cry and not with joy!


Normally on election night a nation hold’s its breath; the blood sport of politics plays out its final act. Winner takes all.

But the American elections tomorrow with the Republican Donald Trump in one corner and Democrat Joe Biden in the other, is all together different.

A global audience will collectively hold its breath tomorrow waiting to see who the American voting public will choose. I’ll be one of those in the global audience deeply worried about what another 4 years of Donald Trump will bring?

Congratulations Paulette Simpson CBE – Supasista


Operation Black Vote warmly congratulates Paulette Simpson on being awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), for service to the Caribbean community in the United Kingdom (UK).

For many years Paulette has been a business and community role model for many Black both here in the UK and in the Caribbean. To OBV and to me personally she’s been a great friend.

Pathway to Success programme features in Oxford Publication


Operation Black Vote's Pathway to Success programme has been featured in an Oxford Publication. The appearance comes in the 18th Issue of the Floreat Magdalena. The programme which aims to nurture the country's future Black and Minority ethnic leaders and takes place next spring, is the second edition of the scheme after 2019's launch.

The scheme allows participants to engage with leading figures in political and civic governance in the UK as well as a number of academics and experienced practitioners in the political and financial world.

Banish ‘empire’ and make us all proud


The Sunday Times: Letters to the Editor published 27th Sept

You report featuring Benjamin Zephaniah’s refusal of an OBE, and that the word “empire” may be dropped from honours such as OBE (News, last week).

OBV trailblazer Councillor Cynthia Barker passes away


Philippines-born Cynthia Barker, who was destined to break barriers, and become a leader respected both here in the UK and in her native Philippines, has sadly passed away following a short period of illness.

In June this year Cynthia was appointed the Mayor of Hertsmere, and we believe the first to ever be appointed in the UK of Filipino descent.

‘I have a dream’ speech as relevant now as in 1963


LAST week marked the 57th anniversary of perhaps the greatest speech ever given – by civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr in 1963.

The fact that the most well-known part of the speech – ‘I have a dream’ – was almost an afterthought that one of his colleagues implored him to use is almost another story in itself.

(Read Gary Younge’s brilliant book ; The Speech: The Story Behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream)

Google celebrates civil rights pioneer Dr. Harold Moody


Yesterday saw Google commemorate Jamaican born physician and activist Dr Harold Moody with artwork emblazoned across its front page. Moody, who was born on 8th October 1882, in Kingston Jamaica, was the eldest child of a retail chemist.

BAME students will fall further behind without crucial help


Today’s National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) report has in effect made an unequivocal statement to our Government: without comprehensive and targeted intervention, a generation of students particularly those from BAME communities and poorer backgrounds – sometimes both – will dramatically lose out in the most important moment of their young lives.

If the warning sounds stark it’s because it is.

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