Racist Petra Laszlo has her conviction quashed


No doubt Far Right groups across Eastern Europe will be celebrating the news that former news reporter from Hungary who was convicted of assaulting a Syrian refugee carrying his child, had her conviction quashed by the court of appeal in Hungary.

Petra László caused outcry in September 2015 when she tripped Osama Abdul Mohsen who was running with his son Zaid in his arms, and kicked another child near the town of Roszke, close to the border with Serbia.

Spit Hoods: We left hoods and chains on the plantation


There's an old saying in the British black community for those in desperate trouble, its one of those old-time, well worn parables, and it says: " when you're in a hole, call for a rope not a shovel." A recent survey conducted by the Metropolitan Police Federation and reported by the BBC, canvassed the use of spit hoods among serving police officers. Over 90% of those who responded said they supported the use of spit hoods.

Civil Rights icon Rev Jesse Jackson supports Cecile Kyenge


International support is growing for the Italian MEP Cecile Kyenge, who is being sued for defamation by the Far Right political party, the Northern League. After being likened to an orangutan by senior political member Pablo Raineri, Kyenga called him and the party racist.

The Northern League's leader Matteo Silvini has recently began a purge trying to remove Roma from Italy. In a statement he said;

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of those Roma that have legal papers."

Mayor Marvin Rees to host Global city Mayors


It is a truly remarkable journey for Bristol City Mayor Marvin Rees. This working class descendent of an enslaved African, who now runs the city that is most infamously known for its enrichment from the slave trade, is today hosting the most ambitious conference ever for city Mayors across the globe.

Mayor Marvin will oversee a two day conference called the Global Parliament of Mayors, that is bold, ambitious, with a vision to unite city legislators to have a universal vision that confronts the challenges of poverty, inclusion, health and migration.

‘Identity politics’ always used to beat up Black activists


The Guardian has stopped putting up options to comment on any of my articles these days. Actually, that goes for many Black writers particularly those we are writing about tackling race inequality. The reason for this is because they already know that the majority of responses will not engage with the debate but rather hurl abuse instead. One senior Guardian person told me: "Online response is very different to those who buy Guardian. Online is frankly the Wild West".

Reimagining Cole: Christian Frederick Cole, Oxford University’s first Black African scholar


Last year OBV alumni Pamela Roberts and Sir Ivor Crewe, Master of University College, the University of Oxford, unveiled the first Black Oxford Untold Stories plaque at the college to commemorate the significant historical achievements of Christian Frederick Cole, the University of Oxford’s first Black African student 1873, and the first Black African to practise Law in the English High Court, 1884.

Momentum hounding out only Liverpool Muslim Cllr


A hard working city councillor in Liverpool, Abdul Qadir, who is also the city's only Muslim representative is being systematically hounded out by Liverpool's Labour Momentum. The move is broadly seen as a naked power grab that tramples over the Labour party's policy to increase BME representation.

We stand with Cécile Kashetu Kyenge



Black elected representatives and community leaders from across Europe voice their support for the Italian MEP, who is sued for defamation for calling the Italian League party racist

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