Naomi Campbell: 'The haters can no longer hurt me'


OBV exclusive !

As we enter Black history month supermodel, actress, activist and cultural icon Naomi Campbell speaks exclusively to OBV about her future and how she hopes she can inspire a generation of young women to fully realise their potential in the world.

OBV alumnus Sunny Dhadley nominated for Guardian Award


Sunny Dhadley, one of OBV's 2017 MP Shadowing scheme intake has been nominated for the Guardian's Public Servant of the year award.

He is one of five shortlisted from hundreds of applications. Sunny is shadowing Rachael Maskell MP in Westminster and Emma Reynolds MP in their constituency on OBV's Parliamentary scheme that comes to graduation at the end of this year.

Why we must support Cecile Kyenge, now


Black and brown women, all over Europe are being publically and routinely dragged, denigrated, demonised and attacked. From Brixton to Barcelona those in public life, have had to endure the poisonous and wretched rhetoric of everyday racism to outright fascism. Racist propaganda from irresponsible politicians and a very right-wing media, literally results in lethal violence on our streets.

Jon Daniel, Black politics and me



I’m never normally nervous about giving talks. When I began more than two decades ago I was always nervous as hell. But over time I reasoned that I would only talk about something I knew well, and that gave me the confidence to talk about tackling persistent race inequality and what the solutions might be. But this was different. Discussing the friendship and working relationship with Jon Daniel who sadly passed away was personal.

Therefore, for a whole week building up to last nights’ talk I was very, very anxious.

Support Cécile Kyenge MEP against the Northern League


The Italian politician Cécile Kyenge MEP has been subject to some high levels of racial abuse, some of it perpetrated by the Northern League (Lega Nord). For example, Roberto Calderoli, a senate vice-president of the Northern League, likened her to an orangutan, and further suggested that she doesn’t belong in Italian politics and should do politics in ‘her own country’.

Their brand of free speech


K Hopkins: Morally and now financially almost bankrupt


Kate Hopkins made her name and living by spewing hatred of others particularly those who she perceived had less power than herself including African migrants who she likened to cockroaches, and demanded that instead of rescuing them crossing the Mediterranean, she’d deploy gun boats to do what we can only imagine.

After the terrorist attack on Manchester she called used the holocaust rhetoric of a ‘Final Solution,’ and was scathing about poor people who through no fault of their own find themselves in debt.

Sinead Campbell: My parliamentary experience with OBV


When a young woman is so passionate about both understanding the complex work we live in , but also wanting to play a role in making it a better place, it’s difficult not to want to support and encourage her journey. Sinead Campbell told me;  We talk a lot about politics in my house. My dad’s got very strong opinions, but so do I’.

Colin Kaepernick: Nike ad hits the mark


I don’t care if people call the Nike ad with the football star Colin Kaepernick a cynical ploy of commercialism. I just don’t care. I love it on so many levels; I’m not sure where to begin. First and foremost the protagonist Colin Kaepernick whose stance against American racial brutalism -Kneelling during the national anthem- caused the American President Donald Trump to label him a unpatriotic and traitor.

Windrush scandal: The Govt must give British Citizenship to all


If you are a British citizen then you are a British Citizen, end of story. That must include people such as the 58 year old David Jameson who is now homeless on the streets of Kingston Jamaica, after being deported for a minor offence during the London 2012 riots.

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