EU Fundamental Right conference: “Minority communities failed”


The 2018 gathering of European Fundamental Rights Colloquium in Brussels brings together senior EU politicians, policy makers, and civil rights campaigners from across the 28 nations.

The great Egmont Palace where the two day proceedings took place is very impressive. 400 delegates gathered together for one united goal: That the fundamental right of all  the 500 million EU citizens are not only protected but also that its citizens can play an active role in their socieities.

More international leading politicians supporting Cecile Kyenge


The first Asian female Cabinet member of any UK Government Sayeeda Warsi has strongly come out in support of the Italian MEP Cecile Kyenge who is being sued by the Northern League for defamation.

Kyenge, is being sued for defamation for calling the Italian League party racist, after leading members racially abused her with one senior politician likening her to a monkey. Cecile’s support has truly become international with the former Secretary of State for Portugal and still member of Parliament Catarina Marcelino stated that:

Asian Leaders Split over Brexit


It seems that much like the rest of society many of Britain’s Asian business and political leaders are divided on where they stand over Brexit.

UKIP & Tommy Robinson: Hate breeding hate


Just when you thought the nasty UKIP political party couldn’t get any worse, their leader Gerard Batton just signed up the master of racial hatred and division, Tommy Robinson.

The new UKIP leader has recruited Robinson to be his 'special advisor'- on a voluntary basis- no doubt to get his counsel about how to influence voters by spewing divisive and selective information about sex grooming gangs from Asian communities.

The Most Popular Sport in the World- Still Plagued by Racism


The Most Popular Sport in the World- Still Plagued by Racism Football is the most popular sport in the world and is still expanding its popularity internationally. In the 2018 Russian World Cup, there was an estimation of 3.4 billion viewers worldwide, which means half of the world population were watching the World Cup. Despite Football’s popularity in the world, racism is still prevalent on the pitch. Over 54% of fans globally have witnessed racist abuse.

Ian Thomas- Only Black Council CEO in UK -Stands Down After 7 Months


There is great concern that the only Black CEO- Ian Thomas- of any local authority in the UK has, in effect being forced to step down. Ian Thomas, who was the former service director at Rotherham Borough Council, has agreed to step down as Lewisham Council’s Chief Executive Officer seven month after being appointed. The Council haven’t specified the reason for Thomas’s departure.

The Battle to save Frank Wang continues



Frank's supporters

Annie Goh:  “Frank is a hugely beloved member of the community. So pleased that he will be able to open up his coffee stall again soon! We love Frank! “

Marcela Liete: “Frank, Yuppi the dog and I have really been missing you, and we have been worried. So we are so happy to support a little bit your return to BG, because this community has not been the same without you.”

BME’s Contribution during WWI


Women in Support of Cécile Kyenge MEP


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the rally in support of the Italian MEP Cécile Kyenge for her courage to stand up against racism, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance. Kyenge, is being sued for defamation for calling the Italian League party racist.

Danny Boyle remembers Walter Tull


As the nation paused to remember the 1st World War heroes in the 100 year anniversary of the end of that war, film Director Danny Boyle made his own moving tribute the fallen, including the Black hero Walter Tull.

Faces on the some of the young men that died have been recreated on beeches around the country.

Tull who was the first black officer in the British Army will be commemorated on Ayr beach as part of director Danny Boyle’s Armistice commission ‘Pages of the Sea.’

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