Vaughan Gething: First Black elected leader in Europe?


If Vaughan Gething wins the internal nomination to become leader of the Welsh Labour party he will then become First Minster of Welsh Assembly and will be the first leader of any European country to come from a African background.

Gething was born in Zambia, but moved to the UK when he was two. His mother is Zambian and his father Welsh. Now Gething stands on the threshold of making history.

240 Parole Board members-None Black


The Parole Board for England and Wales is an independent body that carries out risk assessments on prisoners to determine whether they can be safely released into the community, and it is sponsored by the Ministry of Justice. The Parole Board currently has 246 Board members who are in charge of making assessments and final decisions, but only 13 of them are from a non-white background. Caroline Corby, who is the chairperson of the board, expresses “significant concern” of the lack of diversity on the board, adding that the recruitment procedure will change.

US mass shootings: We pray the shooter isn't Black


As the news slowly unfolded that another gunman was shooting innocent people, this time at a Country music bar in Thousand Oaks California, early reports about the gunman siad that he had ‘beard and was in black’.  At that moment my heart sank, not just for those victims and the unimaginable pain their families and friends would endure, but also how this mass shooting would play out if the gunman was indeed Black and/or a Muslim, as was suggested.

Kweku Adoboli faces deportation from his homeland


The former convicted UBS trader, Kweku Adoboli is facing imminent deportation to Ghana after his latest appeal to remain in the United Kingdom was rejected. Adoboli served seven years in prison in 2012 after he was found guilty of fraud that cost UBS £1.8 billion. He was released halfway through his sentence, but now he is facing deportation. Even though Adoboli was born in Ghana, he left the country when he was four and has been living in the UK since he was 12.

Diversity’s Success in Midterm Election


In the 2018 United States midterm elections, the Democratic Party have regained control of the House of Representative after they lost it eight years ago. However, the Republican Party extended their authority in the Senate by gaining an additional two seats. The result of the election shows that the Democrats will now have the bargaining power to counter some of President Trump’s controversial proposals such as the immigration policies and constructing a wall on the Mexican border.

Most important Mid-Term elections in US history?


Many commentators are stating that the future of America is in the balance over the next 24 hours. The stakes, not just for the US but for global politics could not be higher during these Mid-Term US elections.

BAJA in Solidarity with the Tree of Life synagogue


We are saddened, shocked and angry about the shootings in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue.

The Jewish global family is mourning this horrendous hate crime, and many Jews in the US, on mainland Europe and here in the UK will be extremely anxious about their safety.

Racist Petra Laszlo has her conviction quashed


No doubt Far Right groups across Eastern Europe will be celebrating the news that former news reporter from Hungary who was convicted of assaulting a Syrian refugee carrying his child, had her conviction quashed by the court of appeal in Hungary.

Petra László caused outcry in September 2015 when she tripped Osama Abdul Mohsen who was running with his son Zaid in his arms, and kicked another child near the town of Roszke, close to the border with Serbia.

Spit Hoods: We left hoods and chains on the plantation


There's an old saying in the British black community for those in desperate trouble, its one of those old-time, well worn parables, and it says: " when you're in a hole, call for a rope not a shovel." A recent survey conducted by the Metropolitan Police Federation and reported by the BBC, canvassed the use of spit hoods among serving police officers. Over 90% of those who responded said they supported the use of spit hoods.

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