Frank the Bethnal green coffee man can stay


After a long six-month battle Frank Wang, the Bethnal Green station coffee vendor, has been granted the right to stay on his pitch and continue to serve his coffees and snacks.

Frank faced closure in the face of the new bar/restaurant Chiringuito and new regulations. But after an exhaustive consultation Transport for London decided that with Frank’s new plans to have a slim line coffee set up, he would be allowed to stay.

Black Asian and Jewish Alliance demand unity and leadership


For nearly two decades, Black, Asian and Jewish activists, intellectuals, and faith leaders used to meet at the recently passed away June Jacob’s home in North London. There was no formal membership  and often no agenda,  but we all just instinctively knew that we needed a safe place to support each other, share ideas,  and talk through some of the difficult issues of our time that affected our minority communities.


The Mangrove Restaurant-The Historical Black Struggle


As a young black man growing up in Newcastle in the 1960’s the idea of racism and colonialism was not new but it was difficult to hear about the black struggle for justice save through a US prism of the civil rights movement and the apartheid regime in South Africa. The history of what was occurring in the United Kingdom was easy to understand and to visualise form the inner cities but harder to appreciate from rural England.

Dancho Yakimov: We're stronger together


Two months ago, I began my internship at Operation Black vote - an organization and a team that I learned so much from! It is now time to say goodbye to the people that enriched my understanding of what it really means to be an advocate for social change! I can not explain how much I learned during my work with them, but I would like to recall a few things which made my summer so productive and inspirational!

Adrienn Kovács: Power is never given


Power is never given - This was the very first line I heard at Operation Black Vote when I started my internship at the beginning of summer.

Generally, people would ask me what I have learned in those short months, and whether I got what I signed up for. But in reality, that particular phrase was the one that shaped the learning process I went through.

Spike Lee’s Black-k-Klansman pulls no punches


One of the greatest film directors of all time, Spike Lee, came into London for star-studded special viewing of his film ‘The Black-k-Klansman" to make a point. And boy, did he and his film make a point.

Aretha Franklin: There will never be another queen


Aretha Franklin: There will never be another queen.

by Rev Jesse Jackson

My heart is heavy and in so much pain. A lot of music left earth today. The Heavens rejoice. Aretha, my sister beloved and friend with the 4 octave range and inimitable sound, has gone even higher. She had been battling a debilitating illness over the last few years. She fought as gallantly as she sang, with faith, power and dignity.

"Young, Gifted and Black”

Aretha Franklin: The Queen of soul has died


The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has died peacefully with her family at her bedside.

Franklin sold more than 75 million records in her lifetime, won numerous awards and was respected worldwide as one of the greatest performers that ever lived.

She not only sang at President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, in 2015 in another performance she brought President Barack Obama to tears with her performance.

Stormzy supporting Black students at Cambridge University


Students at Croydon College got the shock of their lives today when one of the world’s biggest Grime Artist Stormzy showed up there to tell students that he would fund a number of students who got the grades to study at Cambridge.

In a heartfelt message Stormzy said:

When I was at school I was ambitions to study at Oxbridge but some people did not realise the option was open to them.”

Black groups challenge Momentum’s ‘Boris racism video’


Re: Open letter to Momentum National Executive from a broad range of national black organisations re your inferred claim that Black people can be racist to Muslims.

On 8 August 2018 in response to Boris Johnson's recent and dreadful comments outlining his views on Muslim women wearing Burkas, you re-circulated a short viral video entitled, "This Is What Boris Johnson's Racism Fuels"

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