Boaz Adelekan: A star is born


The world of spoken word offers listeners an alternative to overproduced and often disingenuous art. Its rising popularity has taken the internet by storm, making room for an inspiringly emotive art form to take its rightful place in popular culture. Raw, authentic, and uncensored, Boaz Adelekan speaks a truth in his own work that inspires thought.

Adelekan, a budding spoken word poet, has already caught the attention of thousands of viewers online. Young and extremely talented, the poet hopes to bring about change using his words as his weapon.

Let’s help send Lohan Morrison to New York


I’m always heartened when you come across a young man or woman with great ambition and sense of purpose. Moreover, I think it’s our duty to help, where we can to ensure these young men and women have every opportunity to reach their potential.

Lohan Morrison, a talented young student from the University of Warwick, has been selected to participate in a competitive summer internship program in New York with the consultancy giant KPMG .

Saatchi Gallery Bigotry Disgrace


Renowned Saatchi Gallery disgracefully hosts and promotes artwork from established UK white supremacist Margaret Pepper.

The gallery’s website currently hosts Pepper’s artwork and invites viewers to purchase her pieces despite Pepper’s publicly offensive views. The controversial artist is known to double as a prominent extremist on social media, openly anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Black, and anti-migrant.

FA mandates increase in BME coaches


The FA will soon lead the way in positive action to address the race gap in sports leadership and management.

It was announced today that the FA is preparing a policy that would make it mandatory for England teams to include a coach from a black, Asian, or minority ethnic background on their staff.

Rokhsana Fiaz upsets the odds to defeat Newham Mayor


On Friday March 16th Rokhsana Fiaz took another step closer to making history with her selection as the next Mayor of Newham. She beat the present Mayor Robin Whales to win the nomination by over 300 votes. If she goes on the win the election in May see her become the third BME directly mayor in the country and first elected female BME Mayor. To many Mayor-Elect Fiaz embodies the transitional period the Labour party is currently undergoing with her refreshing policies on housing and opposition of automatic selection.

Simon Woolley to Chair Downing St Race Disparity Advisory group


Today, the Prime Minister Theresa May announced that Operation Black Vote’s director Simon Woolley would chair the Race Disparity Advisory group at Downing Street.

Snapchat endorses domestic violence game


Yesterday the social media app came under fire when Rihanna responded to an ad it featured asking players to choose between punching Chris Brown and slapping Rihanna herself. This incitement to violence, described as Snapchat as ‘approved in error’ is indicative of a two much larger and overarching issues; why is black domestic violence treated differently and why has ‘social media’ of all things, been allowed to continue to be socially irresponsible.

Applications open for Campaign Bootcamp!


Campaign Bootcamp is now accepting applications for their upcoming residential campaign trainings!

Campaign Bootcamp is a week-long camp designed to give individuals the tools, confidence, and support to run effective campaigns and contribute to movements that combat injustice. After the week-long camp, participants are given a year of mentoring, support, and opportunities to encourage them to participate in or start their own campaigns.

Ukraine’s Nationalist Group Assembles Police Force


The growing power of nationalistic groups across the globe no longer comes as a surprise. Instead it has become a sobering reality.

In Ukraine men donning camouflage clothing and face masks march the streets, asserting their power and authority with torches and chants. The group, a testament to the prevalence of fervent and unquestioned nationalism, goes by the name National Militia.

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