British Airways, Stop deportation flights


I started a petition on Monday night calling on British Airways to stop working with the Home Office, deporting people. Last week it was revealed by The Guardian that Virgin has declared it is no longer collaborating with the government to deport people. I am quoted in the article:

My mothers generation helped build the NHS


All this week there will be 70th anniversary celebrations of the UK’s public treasury, the National Health Service.

Of course it is no coincidence that it's also the 70th  Windrush anniversary. The beginning of a world beating national health system, free at the point of entry, desperately needed a work force that matched its lofty ambition. My mother’s Caribbean generation that arrived after being invited by the UK Government to work in this relatively new system, clearly fitted that bill.

Africa’s Great Civilisations: Endlessly enthralling and tremendously dramatic


There’s a lot of revisionism around at the moment about nineteenth-century imperialism. The British Empire, for example, is praised for having brought such useful innovations to uncivilised subject peoples as the English language, cricket, red post boxes, common law and Christianity.

The other European powers did much the same sort of thing, in varying degrees, though in Africa the Belgians were particularly cruel and the Germans neglectful, even by the standards of the time.

“Mummy can I paint my face white” How racism works


It was extremely painful watching the video, ‘Mummy can I paint my face white’ that was first aired on BBC a week ago. In it the little boy seems desperately to want to change his skin colour from Black to white, and his quick fix solution was to use some  nappy cream that he found in a friends' house paint his face and hands white . When asked why he asked his mum to paing his  face white, he explained that he, ‘doesn’t want to be brown’.

Equality growth key to Roma success


I come from Bulgaria, a proud member State of the European Union since 2007.

The membership in the European family has enriched our civil and geopolitical development. People became more mobile, visited and worked in other European cities, which brought many opportunities including getting to know other diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Roma Activist: Give us a voice and we’ll change our world


The Roma community has not only been the largest minority group in Hungary but also the most deprived.

One of the many big challenges the Roma community face is the lack of education and the popularly but incorrect term of the "culture of the poor"? No, it is not the culture of the poor; it is the wrongdoing of a political system, oppressing and demonising Roma people, and, the most part ensuring they don’t have a political voice within their own country.

Are we sleepwalking into modern day fascism?


If history has taught us anything we should unequivocally understand that when our societies become utterly barbaric and inhumane they have done so only after a long gestation period of hate.

Modern day Europe has never seen the political creep of far Right, authoritarian, anti-immigrant leaders hold such much power and influence over many millions of people. In Hungary, Austria, and Italy, for example, racial hatred is being fuelled from the very top of Government.

The Windrush generation celebrated across the UK


Across the UK, in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and London, the 70th anniversary of the Windrush generation was gloriously celebrated.

The nation's official event was at Westminster Abbey where the Prime Minster Theresa May, and the other party leaders, including Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable paid tribute to the enormous contribution this generation of Caribbeans made to the United Kingdom.

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