7 Must-Reads From Previous OBV Champions


It is without doubt that our organisation has been graced with a multitude of phenomenal individuals who have gone on to do, create, make and produce, as you would expect, phenomenal things.

GMCA Civic Leadership Programme FAQs


What will I learn?

  • You will learn how each area of public life works. Candidates can choose to focus on the fields of education, policing, criminal justice, healthcare, the voluntary sectory and local government.
  • You will learn the roles and responsibilities of being a public appointee. These roles focus specifically on: being a councillor, a magistrate, a safer neighbourhood panel member, a school govenor, a Health Board member within the Greater Manchester NHS Partnership, and a trustee.

The legacy of Olive Morris


“A life defined by action in the face of injustice”

Olive Morris’ story is one defined by bravery and persistence in the face of injustice. Earlier this week she was commemorated on the google front page which sparked intrigue into her life and accomplishments.

Under the microscope: The Order of St Michael and St George explained


The award has drawn controversy prompting some to call for it’s removal

Why the controversy

Cllr Anna Rothery to continue as Lord Mayor for second term


Cllr Anna Rothery, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool has been reappointed for another year as the city’s first citizen. Cllr Rothery who was preceded by Peter Brennan and Christine Banks, will be formally endorsed at a city council’s cabinet meeting later today.

Beyond already making history in 2019 by becoming the city’s first black mayor, she will make history once more later today by becoming the first mayor in the city council's history to serve two successive terms.

Belly Mujinga deserved more than being merely disposable


Belly Mujinga’s death has become a national tragedy. That it was entirely avoidable is all the more painful.

The death of the railway ticket officer who died after being spat at by a man claiming to have COVID-19 has been met with grief, outrage and despondency.

Two weeks with OBV


I was warned on my first day in the Operation Black Vote office that I would be thrown in the deep end. I found this to be true when given my first deadline: a 400-word profile on four of the new BME Congressmen and Congresswomen sworn in to the House of Representatives this January. Suddenly, I feared that I had forgotten to how to swim.

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