Anna Rothery: OBV alumni seeking nomination for Wavertree MP seat

I’ve known Anna Rothery for nearly 20 years. She participated on one of our early MP Shadowing schemes. Even back then she demonstrated the type of integrity and tenacity for social and racial justice that would make her into the formidable publ...

Record number of BME MEPs in EU Parliament

An historical fact has been overlooked in the recent European elections because all eyes have been focused upon the success of the anti-immigrant Brexit Party and its xenophobic undertones, and the even worse extreme Right wing parties that also made ...

Record number of BME MP’s standing for PM

The Conservative party have come a long way in regards to BME political representation in parliament. When OBV began 24 years ago there were no Conservative BME MPs, and frankly none on the horizon either . Fast forward to today and three BME MPs, Saj...

How to be an MP and stay true

Peter Babudu's time with Cat Smith MP and what it taught him