Ade Rawcliffe joins ITV Exec Board


Ade Rawcliffe has spent much of her life in UK media –Channel 4 and now ITV- doing one of mainly three things: Promoting outside Black and Asian artistic talent; challenging the institutions she works for and the wider media industry to be more inclusive and representative, particularly at a senior level; and breaking new grounds as a truly talented Black role model.

It is no surprise to me, therefore, to see my friend be appointed to ITV's Executive board as a Director for Diversity. The first FTSE 100 Company to have such a role at the most senior level.

Having chosen Rawcliffe for this role the board will be acutely aware that her skills go way beyond her Diversity brief. Initially, I was only about to congratulate Ade, but actually congratulations should also be extended to ITV. They are the lucky ones who will be enriched by having this ‘SupaSista’, at their top table.

Ade Rawcliffe giving a keynote speech at the IBC in 2018.

For me personally it's great to see a number of ‘Supasistas’- June Sarpong BBC, Karen Blackett, Media Com, and now Ade Rawcliffe transforming institutions, and at the same inspiring many others to follow in their footsteps.

Campaigners and activists such as us on the outside must support those on the inside, but also push their companies to do more quicker. Truth is there is a new generation of Ade’s, June’s and Karen’s waiting to fulfill their great potential too.

But for now this moment is for you Ade: Congratulations.

Simon Woolley