Adeline Aina: A victory for common sense


Today Adeline Aina remains the chosen candidate for Larkhall ward in Lambeth. Senior Labour Officials have advised the Local Labour party that their actions to deselect her were invalid, and the original democratic result stands.

This is a victory for Adeline, and for all those people who supported her but above all it is a victory for local democracy.

One worries what might have occurred if Adeline had not had the strength to fight this injustice or the support of those who would speak on her behalf.

Speaking exclusively to OBV Adeline said:

It's a great relief that it's over. I've had  fantastic support from OBV, the Voice Newspaper, and from all those who joined me on the street, or those who  sent me messages.They helped me get  through this."

She added:

If I become an elected councilor I promise I will serve with passion and integrity."

There are still questions be answered as to how a confidential draft audit report, which some say has links to the Councillor who lost out to Aina, was being used to oust her.

Hopefully though, a line can be drawn under this episode, and that all concerned will learn from the last few months.

One thing for sure: the local Black electorate and the wider community will have their faith restored by this decision. A key task now will be to get more people involved in local politics regardless of party lines.

Simon Woolley