All People’s Party – gathering momentum in Southwark


A new political force is gathering momentum in South London. Here its leader Prem Goyal outlines what his new party stands for.

Created by a group of community champions, APP is fighting for equal opportunities and representation of all people at the top. APP's aim is to focus on combating inequality at the top on a borough-by-borough basis to ensure the local political leadership reflects the communities they serve, especially minorities, women and working class people.

Another of APP’s main intentions is to provide leadership opportunities for all people, especially community champions, now, not in 2050. I as leader of APP want to challenge the bureaucratic and fundamentally outdated process to become a candidate for any of the mainstream political parties.

APP’s motto is to ‘Celebrate diverse people at the top, not just diversity’. Just like how our country tapped the potential of all people to stage the wonderful London Olympics, APP wants to tap the full potential of ALL people, not just a few. APP is the party of the 21st century.

Many talented minorities have joined APP because of their detachment and exploitation by the mainstream political parties. For example, former Mayor of Southwark Councillor Althea Smith joined APP because she believed the main political parties only want minority votes, rather than serve their diverse communities.

Cllr Smith is now one of two sitting APP Councillors in Southwark, and is the Leader of the APP group on the Council. She said:

I joined APP because I know I can speak out and fight for the people, for equality at the top and put our communities first before party loyalty. APP candidates are local and understand our residents’ different backgrounds and journeys.”

APP currently has 15 Prospective Council Candidates standing in the local elections on 22nd May 2014 and is looking for more community champions to stand across London. APP is encouraging anyone, who can give a solid time and commitment and who wants to build their community profile, to get in touch: become a candidate and go from a community champion to a political champion.

You can find out more about All People’s Party and how to join at

Prem Goyal