Arun Batra: On a mission to deliver equality



Arun Batra is on a mission to radically transform the corporate world. It’s radical because at its core he believes that dynamism, creativity, strength and loyalty are achieved in no small measure by companies achieving greater equality. The other radical aspect to Batra’s big idea is that he has convinced some of the biggest names in the corporate world to buy into his plans.

Based at the consultancy giant Ernst & Young, Batra has set up a new National Equality Standard (NES) which multinationals such as Sainsburys, Vodafone, Barclays and EDF energy have signed up to. To gain the equality standard, companies will have to be vigorously assessed on a whole range of criteria.  If they don’t meet the standard Batra’s team will tell them what equality improvements will be needed to ensure success. Once you get a critical mass of companies achieving, what one would hope to be a high standard, then not to have it could harm a company’s reputation.

But Batra doesn’t see this project as a stick to beat companies with - on the contrary. He views the process to help big business. He believes that it will,

ultimately make them realise the competitive advantage that comes from getting the people element of an organisation right."

With a background in law, Batra isn’t new to this field. For a number of years he ran the Mayor's 'Diversity Works' programme in London. Now he is on a bigger stage and seems to have the support of his company Ernst & Young and the backing of UK based companies literally worth billions.

We wish you luck, safe in the knowledge that everyone benefits when talent is recognized, and given a place to flourish.

Simon Woolley