The Battle to save Frank Wang continues



Frank's supporters

Annie Goh:  “Frank is a hugely beloved member of the community. So pleased that he will be able to open up his coffee stall again soon! We love Frank! “

Marcela Liete: “Frank, Yuppi the dog and I have really been missing you, and we have been worried. So we are so happy to support a little bit your return to BG, because this community has not been the same without you.”

Tilly Cat: “I fully support your campaign, you're a pillar in the community and we all love and support you. You have the people of Tower Hamlets behind you, dude! X”

Lizisib: “I hope Frank gets enough support to buy a new van and equipment. He is a ray of sunshine at the top of the Bethnal Green station steps.”

Frank Wang, who has been running a coffee cart business outside Bethnal Green Station for 15 years, was forced out of business six months ago. Frank serving his coffee is seen as much more than a small local business. He’s seen as part of Bethnal Green community life that brings a smile to people’s faces.

After the successful demonstration that took place in August, it is time to move the campaign forward. Last night, a meeting was coordinated by OBV and the Young Foundation to discuss the next step of helping Frank to restore his coffee business. The primary challenge for Frank to resume his business is equipment. Frank is forced to purchase an entirely new set up for his coffee cart, including a new catering stall slim enough to fit into the new width requirements, with a weatherproof canopy for customers, a new coffee machine, a sanitized, safe handwashing system, car batteries for part of his power supply, new safety certifications, a new fridge, and a new security system.

All the equipment will cost approximately £10,000 pounds, which is only achievable through a successful, fully-funded Crowdfund. Please support and spread the words so we could reach the funding target by December 28th.