Black genocide in Libya - why the silence?


When the Libyan uprising first occurred in February, everyone backed the rebel fighters looking to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his torturous regime. From President Barack Obama to Prime Minister David Cameron and even NATO gave their support to the fighters.

But with reports and allegations emerging of suspected "ethnic cleansing" against Black people living in Libya, all the leaders seem to have lost their voice.

It seems to be open season on the Black community in Libya, who labelled as pro-Gaddafi mercenaries and targeted by rebel fighters. An investigation by the BBC found allegations of abuse against African migrant workers despite the National Transitional Council calling for its fighters to show restraint and avoid revenge attacks.

There are fears that hundreds, if not thousands of Black men and women have been captured and thrown in jail without being charged for any crimes or being Gaddafi loyalist, just because of the colour of their skin.

The BBC uncovered evidence of a violent campaign of abuse and intimidation against the black immigrant community in Tripoli and tells the story of a Nigerian family whose house was targeted by rebels.

The rebels allegedly stole their possessions and money, abducting the father of the house and assaulted his 16-year-old daughter. Sadly, it seems this is not an isolated incident and the targeting and suspected "ethnic cleansing" of Black people is a real concern.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Black people from the city of Tawergha have been forced out, with words such as "slaves" and "negroes" scribbled on abandoned buildings.

Amnesty International released a major report last week into the human rights violations during the Libyan conflict. It is mentioned the report that when Al-Bayda, Benghazi, Derna, Misratah and other cities first fell under the control of the NTC in February, anti-Gaddafi forces carried out house raids, killings and other violent attacks against suspected mercenaries, either sub-Saharan Africans or black Libyans. It is a war crime for any party to a conflict to kill prisoners.

And Amnesty fear the reprisals and the Black genocide in Libya will continue. But the question remains, why have there been no statements issued by the White House or Downing Street condemning the violence against the Black population in Libya. And also, the rebels seem to be denying the same freedom to others which they have been fighting for in the removal of Gaddafi. So what makes them different from the previous regime?

Picture: Libyan rebel fighters with Black prisoner

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Simple answer

Because there are far worst scum then Gaddafi -

Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam all reached their expiry date and the Americans and the British decided its time for a change - so when there was calm then they introduced chaos

But they have created a vaccum of terrorist breeding potholes and in years to come they will wish they never got rid of the so called dictators

Oil Is The Answer.

The reason for the silence is very straight forward: Oil and a dose of racism. Black peoples lives mean less to some people. If the people attacked were White, we will be witnesing a different course of action from the coalition/allies.

Black genocide in Libya

Surely America and the greatones will regret their silence. A simple evidence for the moto "American interest first" to be revised and refined as "democracy first and then American interest". This is not the first time that America craving for it's own interst did promote/ support genocide and dictatorship in many countries.

I hope our Lybian brothers will look at this issue seriously and stop such an action. They should put themselves in the place of the victims and understand the havoc. How do they feel when they get harrasment in Europe. How would they feel if they are murdered in Europe and African countries only because they are Lybians.