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The Black Girls Tech Summit organised by GIRLS TALK London will be taking place virtually across the two days of Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th November 2020 4:00-8:30pm GMT. This year's iteration, which will be the second edition of the event will feature Facebook, Snap Inc and a host of influential speakers, panellists, sessions, and networking and exhibition spaces for attendees to enjoy. 1202 people have registered to attend the event so far, with the number likely to grow before it's launch on the 24th.

This year's theme will focus on "Safe spaces', with the events launch page stating,

“after an emotional year so far this will be the breathing space and medium black women need to regroup, strategise and plan for the future.”

“We intend to welcome women from all over the world to join us as we discuss topics such as navigating the workplace as a black woman, dealing with micro-aggressions, how to land your dream job, salary negotiations and the opportunity to meet recruiters from Snap Inc and Facebook.”

Girls Talk London was founded by Brunel graduate Vanessa Sanyauke in 2013. Since then, they have worked with a number of global businesses to provide workshops and events which have focused on developing skills and pathways for black girls looking to find pathways into the tech industry.

Senator Mohammed Sani

The 2019 Summit was a one-day event which housed over 150 black women aged 16-30+ in London.

The nature of their work is particularly timely given the latest findings from bcs. This shows that there are only 31,000 black people working in IT positions in the UK, accounting for 1.9% of the IT specialist workforce. Perhaps even more pertinent to the work of Girls Talk London concerns the figures surrounding black women within the industry. BCS analysis shows that there has been an increase in the number of black women in the tech space, from 0.3% to 0.7%, but their presence in this field is still only marginal, and by comparison, is still 2.5 times lower than their representation across other occupations.

These figures will be disappointing for many, quite why the tech world has had and continues to have such a marginal presence of black women is deeply frustrating. However, events such as these may very well play a role in readdressing this balance. We are seeing more black led initiatives and boot camps looking to offer black women avenues into the world of tech. Given their talent, this can only be a good thing.

There is still time to register for the event free of charge so make sure you're signed up for 24-25 November!

To view highlights from the 2019 event, click here.

Mayowa Ayodele


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