Black People in Britain More Likely to be Unemployed and Homeless


An investigation by the Bristol Post reveals that Black People are more likely to be unemployed, homeless, and paid less than whites.

According to an investigation by the Bristol Post, non-white people across the region suffer significantly worse outcomes in terms of housing, unemployement and the way they are treated by the criminal justice system - despite generally doing just as well in school and gaining a similar number qualifications.

The Bristol Post found that black people face an unemployment rate five times greater than their white counterparts. In addition, black people face a four times greater risk of being homeless.

David Isaac, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, stated “It’s shocking that deep inequalities still exist in our country.” Isaac wants the Government to come up with strategic solutions stop BME communities from lagging behind.

The Bristol Post researched government statics involving education, employement, homelessness, and prisons. They found racial inequality gaps that are present even from the start of Birth.

The infant mortality rate is twice as greater for BME communities, especially for blacks, because of the low quality socio-economic conditions. South-West black and minority children are also more likely to be placed into care, though Asian children are least likely to be placed into state care.Bristol Post reports that Chinese and Arab children were more likely to be placed into care of local authorities with 11 in every 1,000 children compared to five in every 1,000 white children.

In addition, though BME perform better in school and have more qualitifcations, they face a unemployment rate three times greater in Avon compared to their white counter parts. 13 percent of blacks are unemployed, while only three percent of white people are unemployed.

When BME people are employed, they are less likely to be placed in positions of power such as managers, directors, and senior officials. One in nine white people are in these positions compared to seven percent of black people.

BME are also paid less than whites with a £362 per week income on average, while white people have a £406 a week income on average.

BMEs in Bristol face a three times greater risk of becoming homeless compared to white people. People making up “other backgrounds” will have 18 in every 1,000 households have people that are homeless , while four in every 1,000 white households face homelessness.

There is also significant racial inequality in Avon and Somerset Law Enforcement. BME are twice as likely than whites to be stopped and searched—black people are fives times as likely to be stopped and searched. In addition, black people across England face a risk four times greater for going to prison and BME are twice as likely to go to prison compared to white people.

First Reported By the Bristol Post:

Teshura Adams-El