Cadbury apologises to Naomi Campbell


We’ve received the following statements regarding the story we ran last week about Cadbury’s and Naomi Campbell:

From Cadbury:

“Cadbury understands that our latest advertising campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss caused upset to Naomi Campbell and her family . Cadbury takes its responsibility to consumers very seriously indeed and we would never deliberately produce any marketing material we felt might cause offence to any section of society. It was not our intention that this campaign should offend Naomi, her family or anybody else and we are sincerely sorry that it has done so.

We can confirm that the advertisement is no longer in circulation and we will not be using it in future marketing for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss.

We have been in discussions with Naomi‘s solicitors and can confirm that they have accepted our apology on her behalf as a conclusion to this issue.”

From Naomi Campbell:

‘I’m pleased that Cadbury have made a ‘sincere apology’ in regards to their Bliss ad campaign.

The advertisement was in poor taste on a number of levels not least in the way they likened me to their chocolate bar. It is also a shame that it took so long for Cadbury to offer this apology.

Here I would like to thank Operation Black Vote and the many supporters around the world who simply stated that Cadbury had got this one wrong.

I hope they and other multinationals can learn from this; that offense may not be their intention, but when it is shown that it has caused offense a sincere apology straight away goes a long a way.

Better still they should avoid causing offense in the first place which is best achieved by having greater diversity at board and senior management level’.

Naomi Campbell

From OBV

'The community have spoken and Cadbury have listened and finally apologised for causing offense.

Both here and abroad Black people make up a huge consumer base for Cadbury and their parent company Kraft. Although Cadbury did not intend to insult Black people globally their clumsy advertisement was not a compliment - but quite the opposite.

'I hope this ends this episode and lessons have been learnt'.

Simon Woolley

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Justice and Fair Play.

Thank GOD that common sense won at last. Congratulations to Naomi Campbell for using her influence wisely. You have been a great help in the fight against racism; a problem greatly enhanced under a despicable New Labour Government. I fully agree with Lee Jasper that such problems should have been left behind in the seventies. Bad leadership and government between 1997 to 2010 is clearly responsible for this problem.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Operation Black Vote in the fair and courteous manner in which it highlighted this problem and eventually dealt with it. OBV managed to get Cadburys to see their error and see reason from a fair and reasonable point of view.

Keep up the good work.

Bad Leadership.

I sent this message to the political party that I believe are clearly responsible for Cadburys behaviour. The message to New Labour is as follows:

An unpleasant situation with racial overtones was highlighted on Operation Black Vote's web page. This matter concerned one of Britain's best ever models - namely Naomi Campbell, and the giant chocolate firm Cadburys. One noteable absence in this matter was the rest off the British Media; all of whom had chosen to help sweep it under the carpet because it involved racism. This was a key strategy of New Labour during its time in office, and in its devilish quests to scrap the Race Relations Law.

This is a nasty legacy of the last New Labour Government (1997 to 2010) which did its very best to reintroduce racism back into society to help advance its stay in power at the expense of non-Whites; clearly abusing the trust they had in them (New Labour).

Isolating minority ethnic citizens from key decision making positions in government which reverberated round the country setting out the wrong examples, which has now been packaged and presented in another form, but, on the same principals by Cadburys.

Without the formidable efforts of Operation Black Vote, Naomi Campbell would probably have had to have fight it out in court; another area where New Labour had sprinkled its racist ideologies.

I hope your party loses the next election. You are wondering why I have said this. The reason is because your Shadow Cabinet is still not truely representative of present day Britain. Can anyone in your party please explain to me why Diane Abbott is not in that Shadow Cabinet in a higher ministerial role? She has been a loyal servant to the Labour Party before it became New Labour and before Ed Milliband - your present leader - was ever known. I am stealing a line from the film In The Heat of The Night. New Labour, WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU?

Why was my comment not approved?

Does OBV censor comments that are critical of its actions? My comment was condemnatory but in no way abusive.