Campaign Bootcamp needs you!


There's currently a great opportunity to learn the cut and thrust of social and political campaigning and organising from leaders and experts in their fields - people that have talked the talk, and walked the walk!

If you're fired up about creating positive change and want to learn how to run thoughtful and powerful campaigns, then Campaign Bootcamp is for you. Bootcamp starts with a week-long residential training, which is followed by a year of mentoring, further training and community support.

It isn’t like your average training. It’s a fun, immersive, interactive experience where you get to try everything you’re learning. Bootcamp is designed to give you the skills, community and confidence you need to run powerful campaigns.

Bootcamp was set up by 6 campaigners who were frustrated that it was way too hard for campaigners to learn how to change the world.

Our first Bootcamp was in June 2013. We found 30 brave people who had shown huge potential to be great campaigners. Then we found the best campaigners in the UK and got them to deliver one week of intensive training. It went very well - the 30 Bootcamp Graduates have been supported with mentoring and additional training.

If you'd be intesrested in applying to either of the events below. Now is the time!

Bootcamp 9: Sunday 7th May - Friday 12th May 2017 at Bore Place, Kent

Bootcamp 10: Monday 10th July - Saturday 15th July 2017 at Bore Place, Kent

OBV Staff writer