Civil Rights icon Rev Jesse Jackson supports Cecile Kyenge


International support is growing for the Italian MEP Cecile Kyenge, who is being sued for defamation by the Far Right political party, the Northern League. After being likened to an orangutan by senior political member Pablo Raineri, Kyenga called him and the party racist.

The Northern League's leader Matteo Silvini has recently began a purge trying to remove Roma from Italy. In a statement he said;

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of those Roma that have legal papers."

Rev Jackson now joins many Black politicians across Europe expressing his support to Cecile and his revulsion towards the Northern League’s leadership.

His statement reads:

I fully support my friends and political colleagues in Europe who have rallied to support Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister, whom I met in the US and in Colombia and was greatly impressed with her commitment to peace and justice for all."

Any attack on her is an attack against all of us. Our global democratic family is undermined when key political figures such as Pablo Rainieri and Matteo Silvini believe they can racially abuse with impunity.

The only thing worse than racism is adjusting to it. We must never tolerate such behavior against anybody within our global village.”

Please sign the petition today and show your support:

Simon Woolley