Claudine Duberry's community-building 'Family Fun Day'


OBV and CLG's Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme participant, Claudine Duberry, speaks to Ayan Goran about her award winning work.

Claudine Duberry – author of Guns, Gangs, and the Implication for Social Workers – is taking steps towards positive change through her youth outreach program, Taking Positive Steps.

The author, social entrepreneur, and award-winning criminologist has been highly commended by the Bridge Renewal Trust for over 25 years’ experience in working to help rebuild her community. Duberry is dedicated to working with the children and families of disadvantaged London boroughs and Northampton who are often afflicted by anti-social behaviours. Towards this end, Duberry runs ‘Parenting with Purpose’ – an accessible parent-counselling program – and has developed her ‘Consequential Thinking Mindset and Appropriate Behaviour’ curriculum, which is currently being taught in schools.

Duberry and the small Taking Positive Steps team are determined to “rebuild the village mindset to reduce the incidence of broken families, vulnerability, and youth crime”. For the second year in a row, the team is organising a Family Fun Day – an event that will bring together family and friends, unite the community, and raise money to be donated to North Middlesex Paediatric A&E.

‘Let’s Rebuild the Village’ Family Fun Day and award ceremony will celebrate and recognise the efforts of the North Middlesex Paediatric A&E, as well as the local heroes and heroines of Haringey. The North Middlesex A&E, according to Duberry, is exemplary in its service to the young people of the surrounding community. Each year, the department treats sick children – ages 0-16 years old – who are victims/perpetrators of violent crime, domestic and otherwise. In 2015/2016, there were over 20,000 young people treated by the department.

“I am thrilled to be running the Let’s Rebuild the Village Family Day again,” Duberry says. She goes on to state that Taking Positive Steps is “one of the toughest, yet most exciting challenges” of her life, and that the event is an opportunity to shed light on the many cultures and communities of Haringey.

The North Middlesex Paediatric A&E department will be sending out doctors and nurses to teach the children attending the Family Fun Day basic first aid and life-saving skills. Additionally, the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club will be in attendance for activities.

The award ceremony of Family Fun Day will be presented by the Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Stephen Mann.

Duberry and the entire Taking Positive Steps team invite all to come to Family Fun Day on Sunday, 3rd December 2017.

Time: 11AM – 6PM

Address: Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre , Pretoria Rd, Tottenham,

London N17 8DX

Ayan Goran