Clive Lewis- Dawn Butler should be Leader and Deputy Ballot papers


Arguably Labour’s most loyal supporters - Black, Asian and Minority ethnic voters - will think that once again our vote is taken for granted if the talented MPs Clive Lewis and Dawn Butler are not on either the Labour Party’s leadership and Deputy leader’s Ballot papers, by the end of the day.

In many northern towns, predominantly ‘white working class’, voters abandoned the Labour party in huge numbers, but in those inner city areas where the BAME vote could make a difference the BAME vote stayed loyal to the Labour Party. For Labour MP’s not to recognise that loyalty, which also demands BAME leadership, it would be another blow if Lewis and Butler were not, at least on the final ballot paper.

There is no doubt that it is great news that this parliament sees a record number of BAME MPs, - 65 up from 52 - but unlike the Conservatives, Labour seems to be struggling to elevate this talent to positions of power.

In these last few hours Labour MPs should do the right thing and put Lewis and Butler on the ballot paper, not just because they’re talented and add enormously to the debate, but also by way of saying thank you the BAME electorate for the support that helped them win so many inner city seats.

Simon Woolley