Clive Lewis OBV alumni to run for Labour leader


It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Clive Lewis has staked his claim to be the UK’s first Black Prime Minister. Ever since I’ve known Clive- for over decade- two things stand out: First, his desire from the pit of his soul to be a champion for social and racial justice deep characterises who he is. The second is his boundless energy.

He is fit as a fiddle and frankly just doesn’t stop working. Those who know him well also realise that within the Labour movement and beyond Clive has also become a ‘tour-de-force’ are climate change and environmental issues.

We at OBV are very proud that this young man has the belief and the audacity hope to reach for the nation’s highest office. Whether he wins or loses in the next few months, one thing is for sure Clive Lewis will play a key in rebuilding the Labour Party brand and integrity in the weeks, and months ahead.

Simon Woolley

Picture: Clive Lewis in conversation with Civil Rights icon Rev Jesse Jackson in Washington DC