Donate £24 to OBV


Dear OBV friends we need your support

24 years ago that a small team campaigners with big dreams sought to change our world here in the UK

OBV success:

  • One million individuals registered to vote
  • 1996 there were 5 BAME MPs in Parliament in 2020 there are 65 MPs
  • 10% BAME MP’s from OBV mentoring schemes
  • 3 Mayors/leaders of local authorities
  • 150 magistrates= 1000 years of public service
  • Secured the world's first Gov Race Disparity Unit
  • Helped secure £90 million endowment fund for disadvantaged youths
  • Every year we nurture 100 individuals for political and civic leadership-we never charge
  • OBV’s small core team of 5 have given a collective 70 years activism for race equality

We have made great strides in 24 years. We have a great deal more to do, particularly now.

Can all you give 24 pounds for 24 years of OBV?

Simon Woolley
OBV Director