Don't take the colour out of Britain


London is truly a global city. The capital represents what a globalised future will look like: increasingly diverse, dynamic and culturally vibrant. Magnus Djaba, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi UK, the world’s leading advertising and marketing consultancy, represents that future made flesh today.

In the hustle and bustle of the West End, we launched the new OBV advertising campaign devised by Magnus and his team and executed by the nation’s No 1 celebrity photographer, Rankin. What transpired was a dream marketing campaign that attracted Black British celebrities such as Hollywood actor David Harewood, music superstar Tinnie Tempah, football legend Sol Campbell and superhuman athlete and TV presenter, Ade Adepitan.

Reversing the deeply offensive “Al Jolson” style Black face tradition, the campaign is a powerful metaphor that “if you don’t register to vote and vote you drain the colour from all of our British institutions.” By not voting, we ensure we are not properly represented in Parliament or in any corridors of power.

Voter registration and voter turnout is the only currency relevant to politicians and if you're not voting, you come last in a long list of voting communities whose voices are heard, whilst yours is ignored.

We are proud and grateful to have the support of Saatchi & Saatchi on this incredibly important campaign. You only have until the Monday 20th April to register to vote. In what will be the tightest election in living memory, your vote has never carried more importance.

The good news is that OBV has developed a political manifesto that we are encouraging people to support. In addressing the widespread anger and alienation from Westminster politics, OBV is calling for radical reform to our democracy, in an effort to restore public trust and confidence. In addition we have a new OBV smartphone app that will allow you to register your entire family and local neighbourhood, to vote on your phone!

You can help us by sharing the campaign, share the video, download the OBV app and start registering people to vote.

We have only 5 days to go to register to vote. Do it here and it takes less than 3 minutes.

The future is ours, let’s take it.

Lee Jasper