Dr Julius Garvey to make historic visit to UK


This October will see the first visit to the UK by Dr. Julius Garvey MD to pay tribute to his father Marcus Mosiah Garvey who died in the UK in 1940. Marcus Garvey, who is Jamaica’s First National hero and was a 20th century civil rights icon, was famed for creating the 'Back to Africa' movement in the United States, urging African-Americans to be proud of their race and return to Africa, their ancestral homeland.

During his five day UK Tour, Dr Julius Garvey, a board-certified surgeon who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases, will be participating in various events commencing in London then onto Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham. He will meet civic leaders and the Lord Mayor’s of each City that he will visit. He will also conduct University lectures and visit schools and community events.

Organised by a range of organisations including the Jamaican Embassy, the main focus of the tour will be Education, Culture and Young People. The tour intends to reflect upon the past and look to the future, ensuring that there is a positive impact upon shaping the future of young people throughout the UK by them understanding their roots and inspiring a positive step forward in society.

Taking place during Black History month, the national event for the remembrance of the contributions of members of the African and Caribbean Diaspora and their impact, the visit presents a significant opportunity for the UK and particularly for young people, to meet a direct descendant of one of the people whom they have studied. Therefore we welcome Dr. Garvey to our shores, for this historic occasion, not only for the African diaspora, but indeed the whole nation.

Francine Fernandes

Picture: Dr. Julius Garvey and his late father Marcus Mosiah Garvey