Event: Operation Hope and Recovery


Operation Hope and Recovery is a response to the recent riots which have blighted the nation. Operation Hope and Recovery is a collection of individuals, organisations and churches working together to attempt the largest political empowerment programme this nation has ever seen.

OHR calls for unity, working for political participation, and building economic enterprise. One demands justice and equality, the other creates wealth and jobs.

To launch this movement, you are invited to Friends House this Friday 6.30pm to hear our ideas and add those of your own. To register your interest, click HERE.

Friends House, 173 - 177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

Friday 19th Aug 2011 6.30pm

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goods news has become no news

Done Deal.

Mike Franklin is the IPCC Commissioner to head the investigation into the death of Smiley Culture. Do you smell a dead rat? The outcome of this investigation is already a foregone conclusion. None of the police officers present on the day of the incident will be found guilty. Any claim of racism has already had its life smothered out of it.

Racism is back with a vengeance.