Far Right extremism kills 48 Muslim Worshipers


This blood thirsty atrocity predicated in religious and racial hatred is unforgivable.

But what can never be said too often is that every tolerated or ignored slur or innuendo - racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic - especially from politicians and political leaders everywhere helps to fuel this climate in which these and other would be murderers become emboldened.

For example, less than a few hours after the shootings, one Australian politician Senator Fraser Anning sought to explain the atrocity that had claimed nearly 50 lives, of people praying in their place of worship, by saying, “Well, Muslims are followers of a savage religion, and their religion is equivalent to fascism.”

We are in unprecedented times. This horror occurred many miles away, but in reality could have easily occurred here too. Closer to home, Tommy Robinson is poisoning British politics and society to a level that has recently witnessed more than 3000 far Right thugs openly take to the streets, and proclaim their hatred of Muslims.

In this moment of horror and pain, we must first show our solidarity to the families who will have lost loved ones in this most awful hate crime. But equally we must all redouble our efforts to assert our rights for zero tolerance to racial and religious hatred.

Simon Woolley