First Class Legacy: Know your legal rights


I came across this YouTube video #NotTheEndofTheRoad via a friend of mine who strongly suggested I watch it. I’m glad I did.

It was commissioned by The Criminal Case Review Commission, and made by First Class Legacy whose vision is to bring impactful information to a young generation about the things they should know and care about.

This video demands that young people, particularly young Black men don’t give up on themselves especially if they are sucked into the Criminal Justice System and feel there are few avenues to get out and to find real justice.

#NotThe End of The Road follows a young man fighting the system and trying not to give up. The spoken word narrator-DanmanSSQUAD- seeks to give good council about the system and about enriching the young man's soul:

"Do you know your rights, you still have the right to appeal even though you’ve been convicted. And if they are telling you plead guilty if you know you don’t fit that charge say no.”

He goes on to tell the young man to check his legal team and don’t be blinded by their ‘mirage’.

It’s powerful stuff, not least when we consider the recent interim findings of the David Lammy Review into racism within the Criminal Justice System, which has not only highlighted systemic racial disparity at almost every level, but also the present conveyor belt which sees more than 45% of Black and minority ethnic youth in incarceration, much like the young man in the video.

I hope that young men and women, and their parents and friends watch the video and learn how to be better informed, and empowered to act against a system that too often discriminates.

Well done First Class Legacy, this video is a class act.

Simon Woolley