Frankie Boyle not a racist?


I don’t know whether or not Frankie Boyle is a racist. I don’t know him, never met him before. What I can say without fear or favour is that to make a joke about a mixed heritage non-white child with a disability, that panders to the view that ‘Black men are sexual predators’, is racially reprehensible.

Frankie Boyle is suing the Daily Mirror for calling him a ‘racist comedian’.

If Boyle wasn’t pandering to a Black sexual predator stereotype, why would he say that Harvey’s mother Katie would need a male cage fighter to protect her from her own son raping her? Boyle's ‘joke’:

I have a theory about the reason Jordan married a cage fighter - she needed a man strong enough to stop Harvey from f****** her.

What is astonishing is that Boyle thinks he can say these deplorable things -albeit in joke - against a child who, because of his disability, cannot defend himself,  and that’s fine.  But if anyone should call him a racist, then his own sensibilities are deeply offended. Offended enough to sue.

I don’t know really know whether or not Frankie Boyle is a racist. What he said about Harvey Price is, without doubt, deeply racially offensive. Furthermore, it would be difficult to say that someone who would offer these comments as a joke is not a racist.

Simon Woolley

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Is it really racism?

I do mostly agree with the points raised on this site, but saying that the joke or that he is racist - I am not sure if it adds up.

Yes it was poor taste, but then most of his jokes are. It was not Harvey's race that he was making fun, unfortunately it was more about his disability and appearance and yes, it was in poor taste. Particularly as Harvey is a child, but then that was actually part of the joke, the perversity of it.

What I think is crazy is that he wants to sue - he gives enough beef to others, so should not have such thin skin.

Is it really racism?

Part of the joke is the stereotype of the 'Black sexual predator'. Just because you don't say doesn't mean its not implicit. It's the nod and wink in which the audience understands why, according to the stereotype, Harvey would seek to prey on this white women,worse still his mother.

It gets worse every time I read it.

Bottom line is this, could think of any other scenario in which a white child would used and ridiculed in that way?

Please let know!



I heard the joke. Didn't occur to me that there was anything racist about it. Maybe, Simon Woolley, when you spend your whole life thinking about race and looking for racism, making a living from it, your viewpoint on pretty much everything is coloured (hoho!) by your paranoia and *every* joke that mentions a black person MUST be racist.

peter falcon

This is the type of crass statement and insult we are pretty much used to. Individuals such as Peter care not one jot that the majority of our work is proactive; getting BME individuals to positive engage in civic society becoming magistrates, councillors, MP's, Gov Ministers, and voting.

We also feel strongly though about tackling racism and particularly the pernicious denial of it. We've seen a lot of that lately, from footballers to police officers. Part of the denial, Peter, is to call me/us paranoid. That way there's nothing to be done.
Shame really because we are all better as a society when racism is eradicated and greater race equality is afforded to all.