Archive 2011

A man has been arrested after a message was posted on Facebook threatening to bomb a mosque.
MPs' salaries should be boosted with flat-rate allowances to fund second homes and travel, a cross-party committee suggested today.
The trial of three people for the September 2011 assault on an Afghan asylum seeker in Athens is a sobering reminder of increasing racist violence in Greece.
Data puts cases between 5,000 and 8,000 as government considers making coerced unions a criminal offence
Up to half a million more children from disadvantaged backgrounds are to benefit from the pupil premium, the government is set to announce.
David Cameron is facing a further Conservative revolt over Europe after a Cabinet minister and the Mayor of London told him he must hold a referendum on the fiscal union being created to save the euro.
Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader who presided over the collapse of the Soviet Union, has called on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to hold new elections in the wake of this week's protests
Escalation of the covert US-Israeli campaign against Tehran risks a global storm. Opposition has to get more serious
The House of Lords is being urged to end rules which deny most hereditary peerages to women.
A recent conference looked at the challenges faced by black and minority ethnic managers and some possible solutions, explain Roy Taylor and Yvonne Coghill