Happy 24th Birthday OBV. But work continues - please donate


However, the time for celebration is short; there is still much work to do.

The fact that nearly 150,000 individuals signed our petition for a Covid-19 Race Equality Strategy demonstrates unprecedented support from Black and White communities to demand our Gov confront race inequality in the UK.

It is of equal importance that Black individuals and organisations up and down the UK have applauded the Black leadership we have collectively shown with support from high profile notables such as actor/writer Sir Lenny Henry, Playwright and Theatre Director, Kwame Kwei-Armah, and MediaCom Chair Karen Blackett.

But on this day of celebration I have a big ask . Today is OBV's 24th Anniversary. 24 years of fighting for greater race equality. Did you know when we started there were only 4 Black or Asian MPs? Today there are 65, many from OBV leadership programmes.100’s of others have gone on to prominent political and civic roles

As we approach our 24th birthday, we are asking individuals to donate at least £24 - one pound for every year. That way we can continue this fight for greater race equality. What would give us a tremendous boost is if you made that small donation yourselves, but even more importantly if you encouraged others to do likewise.

Yours in Our struggle.