Kingsley Burrell: British Justice?


The tragic death of Kingsley Burrell a young blackman a father, brother and son at the hands of West Midlands Police is profoundly resonant in some ways of the policing style of South African apartheid regime, the epitome of a racist police state.

The Boer police were notorious for the brutal way they killed innocent black South Africans in their droves. Under apartheid South Africa there was a formal process of police accountability and judicial inquiry into such deaths. Mired in racist practice, the police would usually provide an account stating that the detainee had " jumped out of a fifth storey window " or " fell down four flights of stairs". The judgement was always the same no one was ever held to account and most of those involved would be praised and promoted.

Of course we have never had that level of racist oppression here in the UK. However when it comes to black deaths in custody there remains a whiff of apartheid like racism and injustice to the routine explanations of the black deaths in custody. We no longer hear of the police excuse that "he banged his head in the van "or the classic "he tripped and fell Sarge"

Things have moved and now we see police brutality explained in medical terms such as suggesting that the suspect "superhuman", "suffering from a cannabis psychosis" requiring the use of overwhelming and deadly force. My own personal favourite is the clinically cleaned "positional asphyxia" which is a non existent medical condition that means you died as a consequence of being violently restrained leaving you unable to breathe. Roughly translated that means you had five police officers kneeling on your back forcing the air out of you lungs to the point where were unable to breath and you died.

Kingsley's death on the 27th March shook Birmingham and London to its core. Communities were brutally reminded that, when it comes to any form of statutory detention, as black people we are still not safe and secure either as suspects, victims or patients. Kingsley had called the police whilst out with his son. He took refuge in a shop after he recognised a local gang that was stalking him. Knowing the violent reputation of this gang Kingsley did what we would all do in those circumstances he rang the police. As he waited and he saw what he believed to be the gang "tooling up "and rang other emergency services in the hope that someone anyone would arrive quickly and deter the gang.

When the West Midlands Police arrived what then transpired was a travesty and a nightmare. Instead of assisting Kingsley and his son the Police forcibly arrested him and his child. He is alleged to have been beaten by the police in full view of his son an experience that will now leave that little boy with the kind of deep emotional and psychological scar that will last a life time. Along with one daughter, these children are now deprived of a loving father.

The Police then took Kingsley to a local mental health unit and three days later, after being transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kingsley Burrell was dead.

What is known is that Kingsley had no history of mental illness. What is known is Kingsley was not a violent man. What is known is that British Police officers are predisposed as a result of deeply held racial prejudices to treat black men in a much more violent and aggressive manner than white Britons.

So far there have been two initial coroners' hearings to try and indentify the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding his arrest and subsequent treatment. The West Midlands Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospital, Birmingham are all in the dock. Meanwhile the Police Complaints Commission conducts an independent investigation.

The problem with these institutions that much like those of the apartheid era they do not enjoy the confidence of black and poor communities. Like them they can quote theoretical law and practice, point to a lack of evidence and arrive at similar conclusions. The Crown Prosecution Service has a blind spot for justice when the accused is a police officer and the victim is black.

They are disbelieved in their ability to do anything other than cover their own backs. These institutions lack credibility among black and poor communities and this is informed by numerous examples of where compelling evidence exists (of criminality or culpability) they refuse to charge..

In this society at this time we need to maintain the maximum public pressure on these organisations ensuring opaque levels accountability , adherence to the rule of law and prevention of systemic abuses of power and corruption.

The current administration of criminal justice system is infected at its core with systemic institutional racism. The excuses have become much more sophistited and racism in the system in much more nuanced but the judicial outcomes are entirely consistent. No one is ever held to account and that is why we need a public inquiry into suspicious deaths in custody. The restoration of public confidence in the fair administration of justice and the demand for justice for the victim's families
requires fundamental judicial reform.

The Justice 4 Smiley Culture Campaign, who are supporting the Burrell family have set up an e-petition that calls for a public inquiry into all deaths in custody and is attracting hundreds of signatures in support of the call for a public inquiry.

We must shine the bright light of public accountability on these institutions and that why the forthcoming national march highlighting suspicious deaths in custody and entitled the March for Truth and Justice for Kingsley Burrell due to take place on the 2nd July 2011 in Birmingham. It is vital if we are to ensure that Kingsley's children and wider family are afforded justice that we mobilise, promote and attend this march when such deeply troubling cases arise.

That why it is critically important that the wider public and campaigning groups keep the pressure on such institutions to maintain the highest standards. Maxi Hayles, head of Birmingham's Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit, said: "I call upon all people who believe in the principles of open and transparent justice to join with us and support this march. It is vital we find out what happened to our brother Kingsley and we will not rest until we find the truth."

Calling on the public to support the planned march he added, "We need your support to build this march and that requires you all to become cyber warriors for justice and take to the internet in your thousands to highlight this huge injustice and promote the march in support of the Burrell Brown family."

The plan is to assemble in Abbey Road Birmingham for 12 noon and then walk on past the Mary Seacole mental health unit in Winson Green, where Kingsley was taken. We then take the demonstration on to Bolton Road, Soho Road. Finally we head into the city centre to Lloyd House, the headquarters of West Midlands Police Service. There we will rally, chant and let Birmingham and the rest of the country know we are united in our quest for justice"

Lee Jasper a supporter of the campaign said: " First I would like to publicly thank the Voice Newspaper for its steadfast coverage of this tragic story at a time when most mainstream media are trying to sweep this issue under the carpet.

Their coverage has been first class and reminds us of the campaigning history of the Voice in its early days. Second to overcome this media reluctance we need people use social networks to spread the story far and wide eventually we will force them to give this story the coverage it deserves.

Finally we must promote the march ensuring that the Burrell family gets the support they deserve. This means we have to take the issue seriously and I would ask that every single day people dedicate some time to supporting this campaign. We are on the road to justice and the momentum must be increase. We must not predictably fade away once the heat of our emotion and outrage has gone. They expect us to run out of steam and we must now increase the pressure. No Justice No Peace !"

Speakers at the march will include campaigners and activists from around the country including Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice
fighting for justice for Powell who died in police custody in Birmingham more than six years ago. Merlin Emmanuel from the Smiley Culture Campaign, the Birmingham-based Julian Webster, who died under controversial circumstances outside the Pitcher and Piano nightclub and bar in Manchester in 2009 along with many others.

We must remove the stench of racism and injustice from the British system of justice. There can be no greater injustice than to call the Police for help and then being forcibly arrested and as a result of brutality end up dying in police custody.


Lee Jasper

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An attack on the police?

Lee Jasper, this article is unbelievably biased in a manner to which it is rather anti-social. You appear to believe that the rest of society is not good enough for you, an unfortunate arrogance that reflects badly upon yourself. Perhaps you should wait for an inquiry before you start launching unsound accusations, given that the law works best when such things do not take place.

( Editor's notes: Paras 2 and 3 have been removed due to the potentially libellous nature)

You have the effect of weakening society itself when you suggest that the police have nothing better to do all day than cause harm to those that they are charged with protecting. Please show some respect for the police and recognise the grueling job that they do to keep people safe - they appear so far to do more positive things for society than yourself.

As a final point, I would wager that if the policemen who arrested him were black and the same event were to happen (i.e Smily Culture stabbing himself) then you would not make any of the accusations that you have expressed here. You do not appear to be interested in upholding the law so much as you appear to desire the accumulated proliferation of racial prejudices.

At this current moment, you are doing nothing more than encouraging mob-justice. I sincerely hope you begin to understand the concept of reason.

Censorship? Why?

I notice that the important point about the allegations of drug abuse/dealership made by the police against Mr Burrell have been removed. Thoose were not libellous comments but important points to me made about the investigation in-hand.

This censorship is akin to recent super-injunctions by not allowing people to accurately portray an element of a story. It isn't libel to report comments that have already been all-over the national news.


'All over the national news'. Andy, what national news? What happened to Kingsley Burrell has only been reported in The Voice and OBV as far as I can tell and there was no mention of your scandalous accusations in those articles. Surely the most important element is that Kingsley Burrell, is dead and there has been no reasonable explanation for this. Please point out the national newspapers that are your 'source' or, better still, stop making evil comments designed to hurt a grieving family.

Oh, I have made a gross error

Oh, I have made a gross error for I believed that this article was about Smiley Culture (who's name I find out infact is David Victor Emmanual). I do apologise on those grounds, my mistake comes from these events being in close proximity to eachother, however my point still stands that in the earlier articles regarding Smiley Culture nobody was willing to point out the reasons for his arrest i e. suspected possession/dealership of cocaine. It was as if the authors of those articles were attempting to sugar coat a serious issue by sugesting that Smiley Culture will forever be innocent of a crime or mental instability just because he is a celebrity and because people so desperately want to believe such a thing could never happen (that's how we get such phenomenons as holocaust deniers). It often appears that celebrities are those most able, given the wealth, and therefore most likely to cause problems within a civil society. Smily culture's possible drug dealership does not surprise me any more than hearing that Winona Ryder had committed shoplifting, Pete Docherty being on drugs, musicians having a difficult homelife or childhood etc.

I was offended by lee jasper's article completely sidelining the issue at hand (the topic of the article) in order for him to rant on about how everybody in this country is a possible monster or bad person waiting to happen. This is the sort of jaded cynicism, of which I speak, that is not a healthy mindset for people and by extention society at large. I know it is unhealthy because I used to share a similar mindset and it was doing me no good.

Ultra- Cynics are the sort of people that look at a single event occurring and then have to comment on it being a small part of a systemic problem rather than an isolated incident. Cynics cannot isolate incidents and determine things for what they are an instead resort to broad generalisations that eventually lead to stereotyping and bigotry. It is difficult to make a broad oppinion without resorting to such because it is difficult for one person to make a politically-correct statement that would reflect everybody they might be referring to.

So no, I do not think that this event is a reflection of systemic problems within society because such events do not happen nearly often enough for such accusations to ring true. They are not happening to you, me or many of the people that live in this country. If this event is a reflection of problems with wider society then I would only listen to those that could solve a problem without the needless antagonism as is evidenced by some of the content in the article above. I am not the sort of person who thinks that conflicts or shows of strength can be judged as the actual solution to problems (disclaimer: this does not make me a pacifist). This is why I firmly dsagree with 'Justice Marches' and I honestly think that people should allow their trust to be placed in the professionals to do their job(s) - a trait of a healthy society. These marches damage trust between people because they are an overt display of a lack of trust or even a possible sign of contempt for others within a society.

Lee Jasper doesn't even know what he wants, let alone how he is going to get what he wants - it's all too vague. He doesn't know how to practice what he preaches and will never think that his principles are in order.

At the end of the day, Lee Jasper, as evidenced by the immediate reference to dysfunctional regimes and killings, cannot wait to sink his teeth intom establishment by trying to associate it with things that are/were worse than our society actually is. There are so many complex factors behind everyday life and the motivations of individuals that I do not come to understand 'racial-theories' as being of any insight because, far from systematically, therefore scientifically, appliable, these devices themselves resort to crude forms of stereotyping. Lee Jasper is even trying to suggest that people in South Africa with Dutch ancestry must be the same as the British majority because they both share a white skin-colour. Is this not an example of a racist attitude?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you your bigot and I rest my case.

Kingsley Burrell Custody Death not covered by National Newspaper


I think you make some important points in your post (not least the censorship one, which is sadly all to prevalent on OBV).

But unfortunately on this occasion I have to agree with Demsey about the news coverage, I could find nothing online whatsoever in the Nationals with the exception of BBC News report by Eddie Nester (

The local paper The Birmingham Mail covered it though and admittedly it would be considered a regional story rather than a National anyway (

However, I do think it's worth noting that over 75% of the 333 Custody Deaths since 1998 to December 2010 were White (250 White as opposed to 83 from ethnic minorities - which include Eastern Europeans, Asians as well as Black) and not once has a police officer ever been convicted of a crime.

"Out of the total of 333 deaths, 87 people had been restrained, most commonly being physically held down by officers. In 16 of those cases, restraint was linked directly to the death, and four were classed as "positional asphyxia"."

Not quite the Race issue Lee would like his readers to believe.


Yes Andy, your comments were libellous in the extreme. My Cousin Kingsley was neither a drug dealer or drug abuser. He was clean living young man, that rarely drank and enjoyed keeping himself fit. He rang the police for help and by asking for that help, he ended up dead.
People like yourselves can bandy words about to try and deflect attention from the reality of what happen to Kingsley. Since when has asking for help become a crime?
There has never been a connection mentioned in the "national media" about drugs and Kingsley, what paper are you reading? Yes your obnoxious comments are hurtful and negative, but they only serve to make our resolve stronger to fight against injustice for justice.
So please on behalf my Late Cousin and family, go back to the pit you crawled out of and with the other rest of snakes that you associate with BURN IN HELL!

Please refrain from personal attacks

Hi everyone,

This is an intensely emotional issue for the family concerned, with that in mind can we refrain from personal attacks or any language that will do nothing but raise the level of heat in the discussion.

I am sorry, as I explained

I am sorry, as I explained earlier, even though the comment has not (yet) appeared, I mistook the subject of this article, mistakenly believing that it was referring to Smiley Culture (who's name I find out to be David Victor Emmanuel). I was protesting based on the idea that Lee Jasper failed to recognise the reason for the police visiting his house in the first place.

For my mix-up, I do apologise, I would however, in the interest of justice, disassociate yourselves from Lee Jasper who seems intent on writing articles with very little substance and that appear only to proliferate hate-speech against the establishment, an entity which is infact comprised of other people who are not all bad people waiting to happen. I do not think associating this event to that of phenomenon of armed uprisings in Egypt or Tunisia is appropriate of even remotely tasteful and it is infact a deeply disturbing and upsetting notion. I resent the attitude that people seem to have of our public services, a profoundly negative one - after all, contempt begets contempt.

It is for my profound disagreement with the way in which Lee Jasper approaches sensitive subjects that I blindly made this mistake. I unfortunately exhibited a behaviour which, ironically, Lee Jasper exhibits in every article.

I have made the same blundering error.

Shame on you all...This to bring attention to the lack of press

Whatever your personal thoughts on Lee Jasper you show contempt for the Brown family by championing animosity on such as poignant issue. As far as Smileys campaign is concerned, we have made it clear that we speak for all those who have died in police custody...Black, white and in between.

As for the gentlemen who suggested there was not a race issue concern because 87 out of 333 were black, I suggest you take a look of what portion of the population we represent and also the circumstances under which they died and come again. It seems that people have allowed their own personal resentment of Lee to cloud and distract us from the pertinent issues that are being debated.

Incidentally Andy, the fundamental principle that undergirds british law is that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Smiley has not been found guilty of anything, yet you promote the allegations as if you knew him or have evidence to the contrary?!

Further to that, even if Smiley Culture was Al Capone it still doesn't mean that the police should abandon their duty of care when they raided his home, in which incidentally, nothing was found.

The only thing that can be confirmed without doubt is that, Smiley made great music, Smiley was loved by many, Smiley would still be alive had the police not raided his house that morning, Smiley died before his time under the most peculiar of circumstances.

What is only true is that we will seek the truth doggedly in regard to how he died, as we will for all others who have died under the custody of who supposedly, are there to protect and serve us, the common citizen, not kill us. Incidentally, if you are suggesting that the police are not responsible for the murder of innocent civilians and hide evidence and manipulate facts to defend themselves you're either a demon in disguise or supremely naive.`

Too late for sorry

Andy if you are so blinkered by wanting to attack Lee Jasper I suggest you go to his personal page to do so, or better still give him a ring, get it off your chest. Then maybe you will not make such a foolish mistake again in your haste to discredit him. I have also seen you attack Malcolm X, among others ?! It beats me why anyone would come on to a website that talks about black issues just to try and discredit the site and the contributors, and in this case even the people (totally innocent and complete strangers to you) involved. It really frightens some people when black people speak out, this divide and conquer tactic is getting very old. @ Paul, what a shame you had to agree with me! I suggest you do some more research re: deaths in custody - think about the source that you got your statistics from ( I do not mean the Guardian, I mean the original source). Read about how certain restraint tecniques are used more on black people in custody. I am really tired of people making excuses for the institutional racism in this country and if you do not think it exists and if you do not care about the plight of those that it hurts, I have no idea what you are doing on a site that does care. It is a shame you felt the need to have a dig at OBV - if you do not like what they stand for there is no need to be on their site. Let them continue to do a great job unhindered by haters. If you want to have a go at somebody and try to discredit them with fancy words I suggest you visit StormFront or the BNP website, I am sure they will welcome you with open arms.

OBV has a strong Backbone!

Forgive me for going off point with this discussion, but it has been through Lee Jasper that I have recently been re-introduced to OBV. 12 yrs ago was very familiar with the work of OBV through a project ‘Right to Vote’ the organisation I worked for at the time was running. After that, sorry to say I forgot all about OBV. But through following Lee around his blogs/websites/facebook etc, I now visit OBV’s website almost on a daily basis – and thoroughly enjoy my time here, reading through all the articles, controversial debates and opinions, and learning of upcoming initiatives.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that no matter where Jasper goes, he seems to have a lot of so-called “do-gooders” (mention no names above) trying to protect us (black people who apparently can’t think for ourselves or school ourselves), and need people like them to show us the way, hold our hand as we try and manoeuvre through the complex minefield of racism/discrimination etc, tell us who we should associate with and who not to give an ear to. It is a veiled attitude which when stripped to the bone is all too reminiscent of that westernised superiority attitude (i.e. you may be a free-thinking individual but when push comes to shove we know what is best for you). Black people who want to protect their careers or ride off the back of another Black person’s downfall are also guilty of portraying this attitude.

However, the worst offenders of this attitude of treating black people like kids, are sadly in my experience white anti-racist liberals who can’t seem to fathom why with them by our sides, do we still need the likes of people like Mr Jasper, the NOI, Black-centrics and all those who chose not to be cornered into a one-dimensional view-point to deal with multi-dimensional issues. One doesn’t need to agree with a party’s whole manifesto in order to give ‘em your vote – you take what you like/agree with, and leave/challenge what you don’t while still remaining a supporter of the underlying ethos. But when we choose to listen to people like Jasper or even the NOI, suddenly these so-called anti racist liberals soon try to alienate/isolate and charge you with not being a true fighter for equality (just race-stirrers) – when in fact the opposite is true, it is them who do not fully grasp what they claim to be fighting against.

So, given that OBV is as far as I can see the only mainstream Black organisation giving Lee Jasper a platform to share with us his perspectives, while the rest seem bent on helping to isolate and alienate him from his community, OBV has shown itself to be one of the very few who has kept its backbone strong.

OBV's backbone !

Thank you Ms Gardener. There have been times throughout our history when politicians, newspapers and funders have indicated that if we cast aside Lee Jasper we will gain their support and funding. I'm pleased to say at every juncture that has occurred we've showed them the door. Without integrity we have no organisation. Keep with us and spread the word. Our strength is in our unity.


My summed-up concerns: By all

My summed-up concerns:

By all means, campaign to improve the situations regarding police detention but please do not take such a fundamental and universal issue and only focus on it as if it were a 'black' issue. It is an unsavoury notion.


Amen to backbone! Lee Jasper works his backside off for many people, but he does not look for credit which is just as well! The fact that some people are so bothered by what Lee does that they must troll around sites just to run him down, shows his effectiveness in my opinion. One Love to the Burrell family, hope you get the justice you deserve.

New Labour, Where Art Thou?

The British Police are institutionally racist; no doubt about that. This is a well written and powerful article by Lee.

"These institutions lack credibility among black and poor communities and this is informed by numerous examples of where compelling evidence exists (of criminality or culpability) they refuse to charge."

This statement is a fact.

"What is known is that British Police officers are predisposed as a result of deeply held racial prejudices to treat black men in a much more violent and aggressive manner than white Britons."

This is a known fact.

"The Crown Prosecution Service has a blind spot for justice when the accused is a police officer and the victim is black."

This ia a fact.

"In this society at this time we need to maintain the maximum public pressure on these organisations ensuring opaque levels accountability , adherence to the rule of law and prevention of systemic abuses of power and corruption."

Yes, I can confirm that I have been a victim of this very valid point. I am currently in a battle with the British Army, a crooked catering company, the MOD and the Information Commissioner's Office. The New Labour formed Equality and Human Rights Commission (created in New Labour's Image) are completely hopeless with issues concerning race. Another sad New Labour Legacy.

"The current administration of criminal justice system is infected at its core with systemic institutional racism. The excuses have become much more sophistited and racism in the system in much more nuanced but the judicial outcomes are entirely consistent. No one is ever held to account and that is why we need a public inquiry into suspicious deaths in custody."

This is another fundamental fact. Another sad New Labour legacy.

"The restoration of public confidence in the fair administration of justice and the demand for justice for the victim's families requires fundamental judicial reform."

This is a challenge for the Coalition Government.



"But unfortunately on this occasion I have to agree with Demsey about the news coverage, I could find nothing online whatsoever in the Nationals with the exception of BBC News report by Eddie Nester "

This is the work of Tony Blair's New Labour. What you reap is what you sow. The horrible crops of New Labour's rotten seeds is beginning to emerge.

"Not quite the Race issue Lee would like his readers to believe."

Remember the BAFTA's.

Someone Must Pay!

I sent the following message to the Press Association's Enquiry. The message is as follows:

Subject: Employment Tribunals Service. Message: I noticed during the last Labour Government's time in office,the members of the press deliberately evaded any cases concerning race discrimination in the Employment Tribunals. I don't know if there was a covet agreement between New Labour and the press which gave New Labour a free hand to appoint a racist - President of the Employment Tribunals - and put him incharge. The Tribunal has not adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy since October 2004 when Employment Law was changed. Since that time, there has been a lot of shenanigans going on in that service which I believe the press should bring to light regardless it being a race discriminationclaim or not. The Employment Tribunal Service belongs to the public; not just a handful of people. The present President of the Employment Tribunals Service is running a dishonest operation and I strongly believe this operation should be exposed and The President of this service removed. Please, kindly respond to me. Thanks.

I am still awaiting a response from them.

Give Me Breath.


I noticed from your posting on 13/06/2011, that you have resolved the situation regarding an earlier posting of yours. However, I am concerned about this comment of yours about Lee Jasper.

It reads as follows:

"I would however, in the interest of justice, disassociate yourselves from Lee Jasper who seems intent on writing articles with very little substance and that appear only to proliferate hate-speech against the establishment,"

I totally disagree with you. Lee Jasper, based on his experience, is stating it as it is. Under the last pathetic New Labour Government, the succeeded in turning the establishment against non - Whites. Thankfully, we have a voice like Lee Jasper's, who was stitched up in his role as an advisor to the last London Mayor on race issues, in favour of the present incumbent who still made the office in Multi-Racial London, despite using the offensive word 'Piccaninnies' to describe Black People (shades of Enoch).

I have been asking my self since that almighty stictch-up, that, how did this mayor win that election? Did New Labour dictate proceedings in their big brother role, and their daft quest to scrap the Race Relations Act 1976? I hope the truth comes out one day. Long may Lee Jasper carry on in his role as a voice for racial injustice.

Teddy Boys!

"I would however, in the interest of justice, disassociate yourselves from Lee Jasper who seems intent on writing articles with very little substance and that appear only to proliferate hate-speech against the establishment"

Lee Jasper is a scourge in the side of extreme racists; no doubt about that. The establishment don't like anyone who shows a modicum of intelligence; Lee Jasper has this in abundance and uses it to enlighten non-whites of their rights. No doubt a racist juggernaut like New Labour driven by the 'Teddy Boys' generation, with a nasty selfish agenda of their own which wasn't and still isn't in the best interest of this country, would stoop to the lowest of all levels to keep him out of the public eye.

Boris Johnson of the piccaninny fame won the election to become Multi Racial London's Mayor despite going on television on one of the London Programmes to say that if he ever became Mayor of London, he will never reappoint anyone else in the role of Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the London Mayor. His reason was that he did not want to operate a system that was disadvantageous to others. My understanding of that was that he thought the presence of a Policy Advisor on Equalities actually meant that White people would be disadvantaged.

How much knowledge of the job of mayor and politics of London did Boris Johnson have before standing for mayor? How much of the Race Relations Act did he know? Was he really the right choice for London?

Boris Johnson's vision for London on race mirrored that of New Labour's for the country; yet he is a Conservative. With both supposedly different parties sharing the same view on a subject, this hardly gives us a wider field to choose from? At best it killed off peoples interest in politics and enhanced New Labour's - Let's Keep Britain White's policies

Was Lee Jasper stitched up by the establishment? Yes, I seriously think he was. The Teddy Boys generation had their agenda. Lee Jasper's presence in a position of influence would have disrupted it badly. It was no coincidence that Paul Boateng was excluded from Tony Blair's cabinet in 1997; where I believe the blue print for our present situation was made. Disengaging non- Whites from the political process is not democratic.

Premised on what I have written and many others I have left out, I can't help but say that there is a nasty odious sewer linking City Hall to the House of Parliament. The stench regarding Lee Jasper's removal from office is very odious indeed and it appears to be coming from that sewer.

The refusal to appoint another Policy Advisor on Equalities is questionable. A Policy Advisor on Equalities would never disadvantage White People as they are also protected by the Race Relations Act of 1976. Bad politicians make them (White People) believe the opposite.

When Boris Johnson used the word 'Piccaninny' in describing Black People in the new Millenium, he should have been dismissed from politics immediately. For a young man of my generation to be using that unsavory word means he still views society through the same vision as Enoch Powell. How did this man get to City Hall?

Can someone in New Labour kindly answer that question? Did New Labour interfere with the counting of the votes in the last mayoral election? The honest truth to the Teddy Boys generation of New Labour is like taking a Holy Cross to Count Dracula.

white and black victims of police state murder

this case involving kingsley burrel is no surprise to me,,as a working class white guy with no love for the politics of of the left or the right who lived in handsworth for 29 years, i know what happens to the working class poor white and black community when the cameras are not there and police abuse there powers with there own brand of violence to so called contain suspects,,granted the black community when i lived in handsworth suffered more brutality than my community when i lived there, but there have been cases of white people dying in police custody that does not get media exposure and i give credit to the black community for not backing out of this issue of police deaths in custody.. as for police brutality against the black community in my experience in handsworth in the day,well i could write a book about it...lets just give one example when i got arrested for being drunk and disordely,,,got carted of to thornhill road police station..put in cell when in then days 2 or 3 of you could be held..young black guy in cell with me banging door,,5 coppers come in and beat the crap out of him and racially abused him,,,i was told keep your gob shut you saw nothing and you will get a caution and not my shame i kept my gob shut and walked out of the police station with caution,,never knew what happened to that young black guy in the cell with me but that was the reality of what happened in handsworth when i lived there,,is this type ofcrap still going on in 2011,,,well you would only be in denial if you think things have improved since the fact i think the police are more brutal now than ever and get away with state murder...why would i say that,,,well just give me one example of one police officer been charged with the murder of people dying in there custody..i need say no more.....good luck to to the black community in your justice for kingsley burrel,,we all deserve justice and human rights regardeless of colour,,but i accept 100% the black community are treated more harshly than other communitys including mine when it comes to the police and there behavior.....

Where Is The Mayor Of London?

London is going through a torrid period with looters unlawfully carry out their illegal operations under the guise of lawful protests. A good Mayor (I am not saying that Boris is bad one considering that his vision may be blighted by the influence of the harmful word 'Piccaninny') should be in the forefront dealing with this problem.

Instead he is away on holiday and leaving the problem to the police force whose operations has been badly disrupted by New Labour's bad legacy of constantly tinkering of the RRA 1976; with very bad intent. The results of such dishonesty by the bunch of dishonest people (New Labour), has given rise to what is happening in London at the moment.

The lasting legacy of New Labour is to produce politicians who don't want to do the job they have been elected to do, to deceive people, to produce one system (a racist one) that all political parties have decided to adhere to; which is a dishonest winning formula devised by their vile ideals, underminig the RRA 1976 in all establishments in the country etc; and what have we got now?

Power is slowing being taken away from legislation, and is slowly pouring on to the street.