LISTEN: Dr Dharmi Kapadia breaks down the aims of the new EVENSurvey



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OBV's work with EVENS necessitates our full participation. We want you to speak up and spread the word about the covid-19 survey. Whatever it may be, your experience and the experiences of ethnic and religious minorities in the UK deserve to be seen, heard and respected; they cannot be denied. tell your truth and fill out the covid-19 survey today.


Listen now: Dr Dharmi Kapadia breaks down the aims of the new EVENSurvey to BBC Radio Manchester Sun 6th June

With just over two weeks until the EVENSurvey closes on June 30th, lead researcher Dr. Dharmi Kapadia has been spearheading efforts to raise awareness about the importance of the survey. Last Sunday, she spoke with a number of local radio stations, including BBC Radio Manchester, about the survey's motivation and implications.

Preliminary findings

According to Dr. Dharmi Kapadia, the (very) preliminary findings have revealed that 4 in 5 Black respondents and 2 in 3 Asian respondents have experienced some form of verbal abuse as a result of their ethnic or religious backgrounds during their lives. Interestingly, preliminary findings also found that while some people reported an increase in isolation or loneliness as a result of the pandemic, others reported a decrease.

She added that it will be interesting to learn more about the forces driving these findings as the survey progresses. Ultimately, Dr. Dharmi Kapadia says that she hopes the survey's findings will compel national and local policymakers to take action to combat discrimination.

We work on research in ethnic and religious inequality more broadly and the whole point of research for me is to make a change. We hope to take this evidence to national and local policymakers and say you cannot ignore racial and religious discrimination in this country any longer. The pandemic has shown us that and it can't be ignored anymore. 

She also stated that the finding will be used to help voluntary and community organisations to improve how they serve the people in their communities.

AIMS: The EVENSurvey hopes to understand the impact of covid-19 and the lockdowns on ethnic and religious minorities (global majority communities) in the UK. 

The new Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS) has had the backing of several civil society groups with a little over two weeks till its 30 June close. The 30-minute survey is the first and largest of its kind in Britain, documenting the lives of ethnic and religious minorities. You can claim your £10 'thank you' voucher upon its completion.

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