Local Election results 2021: Pathway 2021 duo Yetunde Adeshile and Josh Babarinde win seats in Basildon and Eastbourne


Two participants from the March and April 2021 Pathway to Success cohorts have won seats in their respective councils.

Yetunde Adeshile ran as the Conservative candidate in Basildon’s Vange Ward. She received 749 votes, 101 more than the next-closest candidate, Aidan McGurran. Yetunde, a devout Christian, thanked God and said she felt “great and relieved” in the aftermath of her victory. 

The victory will be even sweeter because it arrives two years after she narrowly lost election in the Labour stronghold of Lee Chapel North. Due to a rescheduling of the party’s candidates, she was forced to run in the ward on short notice, but she finished second by only 26 votes. 

Cllr Andrew Schrader of Billericay East maintained his belief at the time that despite defeat, Yetunde would go on to become an outstanding councillor. Her perseverance has been rewarded on this occasion, and she will be given the opportunity to help Vange residents achieve the change she believes they ‘want, need, and deserve.'

The perseverance which brought Yetunde success was also evident in Josh Babarinde’s victory. He was running for election in his hometown of Eastbourne after Dean Sabri’s decision to step down earlier this year triggered a by-election. His willingness to find solutions in the community, even prior to his selection, will no doubt have seen him looked upon favourably. 

In March, we documented the community initiatives he’s launched during the pandemic. They included a volunteer run community call centre that reached as many as 5000 of Eastbourne’s elderly community. It directed residents to services such as emergency food parcels and prescription collection, as well as providing much-needed company to those suffering from loneliness. 

Josh's relationship with OBV stretches as far back as 10 years. Back then (aside from being more fresh faced than he is now) he was on the OBV Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme. 

Josh, like Yetunde, had previously been on the losing end of an election result. He ran as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Labour ‘safe seat’ of Bow and Bethnal Green in 2019, finishing third behind Charlotte Chirico and the eventual winner Rushanara Ali. After two years of hard work and campaigning, he has successfully transitioned from parliamentary candidate to hometown councillor. 

Even more success is expected from two of Pathway to Success's brightest stars, as well as OBVs other alumni.



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