Macron beats race hatred Le Pen


Much of Europe breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news that Emmanuel Macron decisively beat the Far Right nationalist Marine Le Pen. As the results came in that Macron received 66% percent of the votes to Le Pen’s 34%, Macron supporters were jubilant on the streets of Paris and beyond.

Because the French don’t collect data on race it’s difficult to get definitive numbers on the non-white and or immigrant population, but estimates range from 15%-30% by statisticians. But these many millions of French citizens will feel relieved that the race hate political party of Le Pen will not be in power to persecute them in a neo-fascist way.

The challenge for Le Pen will however be formidable. 11 million French people voted for the hate policies of Le Pen. That is a number almost five times the size of the Paris population. Macron will have to heal this festering wound of French society, not just in words but also policies that give the countries minority population a greater sense of belonging and critically pathways to viable employment. Employment and the nation’s prosperity will also be the main issue for the 11 million Le Pen voters. Only then will they begin to stop blaming the nation’s minority communities for all the ills of France.

Good luck Macron  we wish you success.

Simon Woolley