Marvin Rees: Help him make history



In just a few months time Marvin Rees could make political history. If he wins the Mayoral Election to govern Bristol on 15th November, he will become the first directly elected Mayor of African Caribbean descent in the whole of Europe.

Symbolically this clearly would be monumental. But Rees is much more than just a positive symbol. His grand plan for the city he loves would energize local business, attracting investors, facilitate entrepreneurs, and nurturing creative minds.

Whilst Marvin knows that supporting economic growth in Bristol is crucial, he is a passionate believer that growth works best when you have a strong moral compass and a passion for equality. Here Rees stands tall and resolute.

I've known Marvin for over a decade. Some years back he was a participant on our MP Shadowing Scheme.

After successfully completing the scheme Rees was offered to fight for a councillor seat in Bristol. He was ecstatic with joy, only to find that the only seat offered to him was to compete with the only Black councillor in the City. It was not that Rees was afraid to fight a Black opponent, but he felt his party were being lazy.

“We can be better than this”,

he informed his party,

“we need to be bolder. I could fight any one of the other 70 seats.”

Because of his own moral compass he turned down the offer to fight, what was a very winnable seat.

In that one moment Rees showed that integrity must always trump ambition. Now he has the chance to put all of that into practice for the people of Bristol.

Let’s help Marvin make history.

Rees will be holding a fundraising dinner on 17th September in London. Tickets will be £50 each. OBV wants to sponsor a Black Leaders table of 10 places. If you can’t go can still donate £50 and send a friend. You can also help support his campaign and details are available through his website.

We rightly applaud the global achievement of President Barack Obama, but closer to home we have our own milestones to achieve and this is one of them.

Simon Woolley

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Good luck Marvin

Good luck Marvin. I dont live in Bristol, otherwise I would have voted for you. Good to see such progress being made. Well done OBV too.

Yes I agree Marvin Rees is

Yes I agree Marvin Rees is definitely 'the man for the job'. It is very exciting and an essential historical component to his momentum moving forward I think. He has the character and the tenacity to make it to the finish line. I am sure he is grateful to OBV and Simon and Francine's invaluable support and recognition.  In his own right Marvin is already making history by running for this office and taking this on.