Mayor Tayo Situ - rest in peace, brother


In politics there are very few people you can describe as a thoroughly honest and decent man. A man who has so much integrity you almost don’t expect them to be in politics. The first African Mayor of Southwark Mayor Tayo Situ was such a man. Sadly he passed away on the 9th May from an illness he was carrying.

A family and community man with his heart never far from his native Nigeria, Tayo gave his life serving us as a role model and public servant. The former Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman said he was a wise man who she would call upon him to help her guide her with work in the Southwark constituency.

From time to time I worked with him for over a decade, and watched this mild mannered man bring communities together to face and or confront tragedies, as with Damilola Taylor, or deprivation which concerned him no end.

Just a few weeks ago at an empowerment seminar we organised on a Saturday we laughed and lamented that the time we give to the community we lose with our families. However, at one point he turned to me and said, ‘But Simon our community is our family too’.

Right now our thoughts are with your loving wife and five beautiful children and we know in our hearts brother Tayo that you are resting in peace.

Simon Woolley

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Popular Man

May his soul rest in peace

Very Sad news

An OBV stalwart. Heartfelt Condolences to his family.

May your tender soul rest in

May your tender soul rest in Peace. Southwark will miss you very dearly.

i worked with Tayo on the

i worked with Tayo on the Peckham community council where he eventually became chair, before becoming mayor. Although of different parties, we were able to work in harmony for the greater good of people in a highly deprived part of London, and on important local issues.

He was both a gentle man, and a gentlemen. He will be sadly missed.

Although not the first African mayor of Southwark, (Columba Blango was) but certainly the first Nigerian and one who helped to promote a fine image of the country of his birth and become popular and respected among people of all backgrounds.


I knew Mayor Shittu as a member and friend at Christ Apostolic Church Surrey Dock 20 years ago. A very well known and loved family man, he was always arround to help and give supporting reasuring note.
His loving thought will remain for ever in every area he had impacted.
Our hearth felt condolence to his lovely wife and children.
May his soul reste in perfect peace


I knew Mayor Tayo Situ seven years ago, i have never saw him annoyed or angry even at a difficult and a rough circumstance that may provoke someone, Mayor Situ will always maintain his cool. What a gentle heart to lost and miss at this crucial time of southwark council cutting every services for the common people. Who will understand the plight of the commoners? He was a man of broad shoulder to carried and help humanity. I and everyone that had ever come in contact with you will greatly miss you. Labour party in Southwark will never be the same. As a Christian I have strong belieave that God had call you to rest and to abstaine you from shame and struggle of this con/libra destructive coalition government, that your gentle and sweet spirit will join those alive to wipe out of government in no time.
To your family, I wish to say that Mayor Tayo Situ is not dead but still live, because his memory will ever remain.
On behalf of Benin Voice UK, I send our sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Mayor Tayo Situ for the lost of a great and wonderful husband, father and friend. Please be courageous and take solace for the good work he had done for mankind. Though not old enough to die by our standard, remember he had fought the fight, he had took the race and had won. So, let us be happy as he wear the heavenly crown awaiting him.
Mayor Tayo Situ, rest in peace and farewell noble man.



I first met Mayor Tayo Situ in April 2004 ,when l was planning the Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral in honour of our late Mentor -Prof Thomas Adeoye Lambo -former Deputy Director General of the WHO .

Since then Cllr. Tayo Situ has remained a great source of inspiration and patriotism to the Black Communities especially Nigerians in the Diaspora.

He was a great achiever ,blessed and gifted yet very humble ,approachable and well-focused.

In May 2010, I watched with great admiration and pride when he was unanimously elected as the 1st Nigerian Mayor of London Borough of Southwark , United Kingdom.

In my voluntary Community Services as the President of IDAY -UK, Mayor Tayo Situ gave me tremendous support and encouragement. He always participate at the Annual Conference of the International Day for the African Children and he was a Recipient of the

Part of his Projects and Commitments were Prevention of Youth Violence and Crimes, Promotion of Responsible Parenthood , Improvement of Standard of Education ,Health Care,and General Welfare of our people in the UK.

We shall continue to keep Mayor Situ' s legacies alive and his self less Community Spirit shall be our driving force to make his dreams of ,decent and safer Communities accomplished. He deserves to be immortalized in many ways.

From humble background at Iwo in Osun state of Nigeria, a Yoruba Man who was very proud of his Heritage and Culture, Mayor Situ's story had proved to us that No height is unattainable .With God on our side coupled with Hard Work,tenacity , Excellent Record and Services to Humanity.Sky should be our Limit.
Just like President Obama had showed us 'Yes We Can''

We join thousands of other Well Wishers to sympathize with His respectful and pleasant wife Mrs Abike Situ who stood by him in thin and thick . Their children are also great inspiration ,one them Michael is also already Councillor .
Please accept our deep-hearted condolences and pass this to all members of the Situ family," .

"We are grateful to God for Mayor Tayo Situ's outstanding achievements and enormous services to mankind which will remain ever green in our memory",
His short but remarkable life deserved to be Celebrated and emulated .....Though GONE TOO SOON..... It is not how long but how well. He had now been called to Eternal Rest and Higher Services with our God Almighty .

Finally.....Mayor Tayo Situ we salute you and bid you an Eternal farewell. You were our respected Leader,brother and friend . You were an illustrious son and a big pride to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and indeed the African continent. You served humanity with all your might, power, intellect and dynamism.

We shall greatly miss your leadership qualities, simplicity, integrity, courage, flexibility ,Dedication to Community Services ..
. You were our dignified Champion ,our celebrity,Our Hope for Political Transformation and Breakthrough, the Caring Counsellor, The ever-shinning star***.Our Precious Brother and Community Leader.

Rest in perfect peace in the Bloosom of our Lord until the resurrection day ....Adieu,
O digba Egbon dada ,Omoluwabi, Orun Rere o

With Kind Regards & God Bless

Chief Mrs Yemisi Agunbiade-Sanusi
President , IDAY-UK
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