Merry Christmas to one and all


The human capacity to focus on the good and forget or diminish the negative is one of the greatest assets we clearly have. Ask most people about the year gone by and many will respond with that incredible summer in which London and UK showcased multi-cultural Britain to the world during the 2012 Olympic games. And they loved it, they loved us. Above all for the first time that I can remember the nation collectively celebrated its diverse identity.

Politically and socially though, the year before and after that most glorious summer seems a little bit like today’s weather: wet and gloomy: loss of jobs, persistent problems with the police, racism in football and a feeling that the Coalition Government has taken its eye off tackling race inequality.

But once again the human spirit, and I would argue, the history and legacy of the ‘Black struggle’, will ensure that we do not capitulate, that we see these challenges as a test of character. Our collective response in the New Year will need to be strong and united. Political parties from all sides must buy into our agenda for racial justice or politically feel our wrath. But in the main that’s for the New Year.

In a few days time, it's Christmas, when we can stop for a while, hold our children and other loved ones, think about those less fortunate than ourselves, and even find time to spoil ourselves a little. We deserve that.

Come the New Year, it's all hands to the pump. No shirkers!

Merry Christmas

Simon and the OBV Team

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merry xmas

merry xmas

Good Work.

Many Christmas to all at OBV and may you continue your wonderful work into what I hope will be a prosperous new year for us all. Thanks.

Merry Christmass OBV!

Merry Christmas to everyone at OBV and all those that count themselves one of the family.:)