Mervyn Adon-Wint: increasing black representation


Mervyn Adon-Wint, OBV alumni and participant in the 2009 Lewisham Civic Leadership Programme, is determined to make a positive difference in his community. Mervyn currently serves on the Executive of the Conservative Federation and is an Officer for the Croydon Conservative Party. In this capacity, Mervyn will host a BME Croydon Conservative Party Dinner in Croydon on 21st June. The evening will include a keynote address from Party Co-Chair Baroness Warsi with several distinguished guests in attendance.

Croydon is a diverse community and Mervyn seeks to represent all of its diverse communities. He was elected to serve another year as Chairman for the Selhurst Ward in Croydon North and also on the Executive of the Croydon Conservative Community Link. He uses his talents and qualifications as a teacher and fellow of the Chartered Management Institute to positively influence his community.

Mervyn says: “We have regular forums on conservative policies and discussions with high profile speakers, MPs and Councillors that likeminded people could attend.” He encourages anyone who wants to get involved to come along.

Mervyn’s success highlights the importance of BME political involvement in the UK. He said: “With motivation and determination we will succeed in making not only our communities, but the world a better place.”

Teasha Bayles