‘Minority votes decided US election’


In his first interview since his humiliating defeat to President Barack Obama, in the US Presidential elections, Governor Mitt Romney admits the minority vote-Latino and African American-cost him dearly.

During his first major interview after losing the Presidential race, Romney stated on Fox New, that the ‘ alienation of Latino and black voters did real damage to my campaign. We weren't effective taking our message to primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic Americans, African Americans, other minorities’.

Many see his remarks as an acknowledgement that the Right wing-Tea Party- element of the Republicans must be diminished if the they are going to get elected to the White House in the future. Some in the Party would like to lurch further to the Right.

What is equally fascinating about Romney’s omission is the recognition that policy issues equally played a significant factor.

‘Barack Obama’s Medicare Bill, meant a great deal to those millions who have been without basic medical care,’ Romney conceded, ‘these voters, ‘came out in great numbers.’

Which all bodes well for the BME-The Black Vote-here in the UK.

Numbers and policy areas matter here in the UK as they do there.

On Sunday, OBV’s man in Birmingham, Desmond Jadoo held another impressive voter registration clinic at Pastor Bryan Scott’s Memorial Baptist Church Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham.

The event combined voter registration with engagement and conversations between local politicians and church goers.

In one hundred marginal seats in Birmingham and beyond, OBV seeks to position the BME vote as a game changer during the next General Election.

If they can do it in the US, we can do it here particularly when we’ve got the likes of Desmond Jadoo and Pastor Bryan Scott.

Simon Woolley