More international leading politicians supporting Cecile Kyenge


The first Asian female Cabinet member of any UK Government Sayeeda Warsi has strongly come out in support of the Italian MEP Cecile Kyenge who is being sued by the Northern League for defamation.

Kyenge, is being sued for defamation for calling the Italian League party racist, after leading members racially abused her with one senior politician likening her to a monkey. Cecile’s support has truly become international with the former Secretary of State for Portugal and still member of Parliament Catarina Marcelino stated that:

I truly support Italian MEP Cecile Kyenge. She is a great woman, a great politician who fights against racism, xenophobia and intolerance. Racist comments are inacceptable from any politicians elected in a democratic society.”

This Friday - 30th November 12-2pm Cecile Kyenge will speak at the House of Commons at an event organised by Operation Black Vote - Women in support of Cecile Kyenge - with speakers such as Diane Abbott, and Jean Lambert MEP.

There are still a few tickets available to hear Cecile Kyenge. Register here.