Most important Mid-Term elections in US history?


Many commentators are stating that the future of America is in the balance over the next 24 hours. The stakes, not just for the US but for global politics could not be higher during these Mid-Term US elections.

These elections are widely seen as a referendum on President Trump’s presidency. If Trump and the Republicans hold on to both the Congress and the Senate, commentators suggest Trump style politics will be ‘off the leash’. His brand of, ‘I’ll make the rules up as I go, and don’t care who I offend’, will be seen as a winning formula. Furthermore, with both political houses at his ‘beck and call’, they’ll be no ‘check or balance’ to restrain Trump.

If he loses Congress, but keeps the Senate the brakes will be put on Trump, and Democrats will be emboldened to ask the necessary questions about his business and political dealings with countries such as Russia. If he loses both houses, he’ll be a lame duck President and it’ll be the beginning of the end.

Given just how badly US pollsters got it wrong in the 2016 Presidential race, many just don’t know how to call this. One thing is for sure, in general African Americans, many Latin Americans and other minority communities are literally holding their breaths.

If Trump wins big the politics of division will be ‘doubled down’ as they say in American politics, which means turbo charged. Worse still other nationalistic leaders around the world, in particular in Europe will be even more empowered to use the Trump ‘playbook’ for political success.

I fear and worry not just for America but also for the global principals of democracy which are being so trampled on right now.

We’ll all know in the morning!

Simon Woolley