The mysterious death of Smiley Culture


The death in police custody of Smiley Culture after the police raided his home leaves Surrey Police with a lot of questions to answer as far as I am concerned.

There are reliable witness statements that confirm that Smiley was alive when the police arrived and after allowing others in the house to leave the property; the police version of events is that Smiley stabbed himself.

Surely Smiley was handcuffed as in normal practice during any raid to prevent the suspect disposing of evidence, harming officers or him? How is it that he managed to stab himself whilst in handcuffs?

Secondly how did he get hold of a knife when surrounded by police officers? He would have been closely monitored and guarded by police officers and an officer would have supervised his every move.

Thirdly how is it, if we accept he did stab himself and - I have severe doubts about that - how is it he is surrounded by officer and yet they could not prevent him from doing so?

Finally once he was injured why could they not apply first aid and call for immediate medical assistance to save his life? What time did they arrive at the property and what time was the ambulance actually called?

This death in police custody will raise lots of critical questions and I would advise both Surrey Police and the Independents Police Complaints Commission that they need to come up with answers and quickly of they are to avoid a serious decrease in police community relations.

Lee Jasper

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The mysterious death of Smiley Culture

There are so many questions that need answering. I really hope that 2011 that the family are not fobbed off and can obtain the truth. I know they don't want any animosity in the interrim but, surely, someone has to be held accountable.

So dodgy on so many

So dodgy on so many levels.
Why haven't the family (and the public) had a full explanation?
What are the IPCC waiting for.... police corroboration?

someone needs to tell the

someone needs to tell the truth no more coverups

all police fault

in my opinion the police did kill smiley culture just like mark duggan. to be honest it is so obvious people need to open their eyes! the government that cant govern - hundreds are dead, not one killer was on trail. THIS PLACE IS CORRUPT!!!!