Obama: Good news for the US and World


Tomorrow evening Carole Bell will be hosting one of the largest election night parties in the UK. Supporters of OBV are warmly invited and will be afforded a discount from £40 per ticket to £32.  This is her view as to why Barack Obama should be re-elected.

Simon Woolley


Obama said America's like a big truck - you can turn it around, but it takes time.

This man - this thoughtful, intelligent, well-meaning man with his inclusive vision that's a symbol of hope for the world - has our best progressive goals in mind. With another four years, I believe he'll achieve true greatness.

Obama is committed to diversity. You can see it in how much he has achieved already - for 100% of the American people.

He's brilliant, and he's kind - I know this from personal experience. From a broad concern for people's rights, to fairness towards women and people struggling with the economy, to education as a top priority - he's passionate about making things better.

I offer a toast to Obama - here's to four more years of turning it around for everyone.

Obama's inclusive - and so are we! We're Obama supporters from around the world.

We welcome OBV members to our GREAT Obama election night party in London.

You're going to have fun!

Come join us - we'll toast to Obama's victory Tuesday.

Here's hoping for four more great years!

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Carole Bell

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Wonderful - Meeting Simon and OBV Members

It was lovely to get to meet Simon and many OBV members at our election night party last night. OBV certainly has interesting members! There was a buzz all night as people mingled, then burst into spontaneous applause with each bit of good news for Obama. The decibel level of the screams, in unison and unplanned, was amazing as everyone just shouted when Obama won!

Our big surprise: at 11:30, everyone put on an Obama mask - suddenly, there were 250 smiling Barack Obama's in the room! What a photograph!!

OBV members added greatly to our lively party. It was great to meet the charming and dashing Simon, who headed straight to our huge projection screen in the room with 200 red, white, and blue balloons and American flag bunting.

After midnight, we had a stream of arrivals of people who'd been to other election parties, but said they'd felt cold; they heard we were having a grand time and came looking to join us - we did have a lot of personal touches.

Our party had warmth, and a huge feeling of affection and bonhomie among everyone there. As the night got later, as we waited for Obama's speech, as everyone left at 7am with balloons and their surprise Obama mask, we all felt the world has been set right with Obama's great victory.

Thank you again to OBV members! You certainly added so much to our happy, happy party!

Carole Bell

Black, Female, PHD

Carole, thank you for a great party where I met a diverse range of people. I was particularly impressed by 3 young American ladies, all of Afro-Caribbean origin. When asked individually what are they doing in the UK, I realised they are all doing their PHD degree ( one travelled all the way from York and the other Brighton to attend the election party you kindly organised).

They are intelligent, energetic, vocal, straight talking, quick witted and fun. One even speaks fluent Mandarin as she had worked in American Embassy in Beijing. in them, I can see the young Michelle Obama who was determined to get a good education and strive to reach the top.

They are courageous in taking out student loan not just for an university degree, but another 3 more years in a PHD degree. There is this steely determination in them that nothing less is good enough.

In Obama, American had its first black president. I reckon it won't be long before we see America has its first black female president.