Archive 2014

A project that seeks to inform and inspire disabled people around the UK to use their vote
The St. Louis County grand jury brought no criminal charges against Darren Wilson
In the Netherlands, a debate about the racism of Christmas characters has made its way to the legal system
Obama shows supreme leadership giving a partial amnesty for 5m ‘illegal immigrants’
Abbott delivered a major speech about racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia at the SAOS
No Black player can feel they will be treated fairly after the disparaging comments he made
Theresa May MP commended the first print edition and the crucial work done by BMH UK
Here in the UK, nevertheless, we are at risk of coming across as both naive and hypocritical
By Lee Jasper - The virus of xenophobia and racism runs rampant in Rochester-by-election
Efua Dorkenoo passed away a month agao. We at OBV would like to remember her