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To many, Donald Trump began his Republican Presidential Election campaign as a bit of a joke
I’m surprised someone has not written a book -‘The Black British Civil Rights Movement - 50 Years of Struggle’.
17 years later, the war on drugs is not only still in existence, but thriving. Drugs are cheaper, easier to get
It’s remarkable that some Labour MP’s, along with Conservatives are now contemplating the bombing of Syria
Ruwan: "It's difficult to defend something you're not told exactly what you have supposed to have said or done."
Richard Dawkins still doesn’t seem able to get over his anger at Muslim teenager Ahmed Mohamed and his clock
If the referendum were to be decided on BME votes alone, Scotland would be an independent nation state
Seeking to focus on celebrating success and planning for greater unity of purpose for Black communities
"..The whites have become black; a particular sort of violent destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion”