OBV project: Who runs my city?


The governance of our local authority and city has become increasingly complex: Where does power lie? Who, at a local level has responsibility for our education, litter or indeed for representing our views and concerns on the Council? How can ordinary residents effectively interact with and influence the kaleidoscope of public bodies and institutions that make decisions over our daily lives?

Operation Black Vote (OBV) in a unique and ground breaking partnership with London Civic Forum and the London Empowerment Partnership’s Targeted Support programme is now able to offer a range of booklets for bringing alive the governance of five of London's local authorities: Barking and Dagenham; Barnet; Croydon; Kensington and Chelsea; and Redbridge.

The information contained in the booklets includes a directory of MPs and councillors in these areas, as well as facts and figures relating to the area.

We would also like to offer our services by coming and talking to your community group - however large or small - in these and other London areas, about the project and how you can influence decision making and shape the future of your communities over the coming year?

We also have a public meeting on the 21st of December at Redbridge Town Hall as part of this project. To register for this unique event, please see contact details below.

You can order the booklets from the office by contacting 0208 983 5474 or emailing ashley@obv.org.uk. Alternatively click on the PDF documents listed below to view the information. You can visit the main website via: www.whorunslondon.org.uk