OBV: Transforming modern reporting


The collaboration between Operation Black Vote, The Guardian newspaper and Green Park Recruitment may now be the model for new dynamic reporting.

The principal partners, OBV and The Guardian used their complimentary expertise to fantastically put together a polished piece of research that is able to challenge persistent race inequalities in such a dramatic fashion. Green Park Recruitment were able to sprinkle their expertise around pathways to top jobs from a recruitment perspective.

At OBV we’ve always believed that just because we’re a small organisation doesn’t mean that we don’t have great deal to contribute. Moreover, we’ve shown our partnership collaborations with big entities such, as Saatchi and Saatchi and now with the Guardian can make a national and even international impact.

In today’s Guardian, Head of Special projects Mark Rice Oxley writes about the transformative effect this type of partnership can have on journalistic reporting.

Simon Woolley